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My Magical Year

If you asked me last December what 2014 would be like, I would not have said, I will write three books and produce three card decks, each with exceptional self-healing qualities.  None of the projects, except the fleeting thought that I had a card deck in me, was in my consciousness one year ago.  I […]

The Path and the Soul’s Journey

I was asked by my students why an easy, abundant life was manifesting quickly for some but not for all.  I asked this question to ISIS and the answer was channeled in through Ellen Carey, Path practitioner and ISIS oracle.  The response was so powerful and explains the purpose of The Path itself.  I share […]

What is Multi-Dimensional Healing

While performing a Path session on my sister Sara last week, we got stopped mid session as often happens when I’m being asked to bring something new in.  Getting stopped means that I muscle test the Path’s protocol and get all no’s, meaning that there is nothing that I can do within The Patheven though I had just opened the […]

When Food is Joy

            Although food had been a family issue since childhood and I always felt a few pounds over weight, food never became an obsessive issue for me until a few years ago.  As I was doing energy work and creating The Path, I found myself in a constant state of […]