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The Path To Heal’s Philosophy


While writing my newest book  Soul Crystal Formations, I was able to summarize the philosophy of this healing system and why the healing of the soul through love ultimately leads to enlightenment.

Healing through The Path to Heal unlocks enlightenment by healing our deepest darkest soul-level issues. The Path shifts energy so that we recognize our soul-level issues and understand our formations of pain so they can heal. The Path shifts consciousness from an ego-based existence to the ego integrated into a multi-dimensional love based existence wherein we are aware that:

  • -fully loving self always brings intimate love and happiness.
  • -love surrounds us always.
  • -love heals us always.
  • -our heart and souls are one.
  • -hurt is an illusion and only exists to help our souls grow.
  • -pain exists to force us to choose pleasure.
  • -exploration of the soul can feel difficult, but immediately ushers in light and love.
  • -discovering personal truth yields pleasure, not pain, because truth is love.
  • -exploring our perceived “ugliness” allows us to heal because it leads to the discovery that only love is real.
  • -although pain is labeled through this process, the label is an illusion and opening is truth.
  • -enlightenment is stillness within any situation that is presented to us.
  • -all healing issues are interconnected and shared between souls.
  • -we have a tendency to perceive the world as unloving and we choose instead to always feel loved.
  • -breaking societal rules to follow our heart may cause disruption, but ultimately brings happiness to all.
  • -we can exist solely in deeply loving and kind relationships because we are no longer afraid of getting hurt.
  • -if we listen to, rather than block out our problems, they heal.
  • -no matter how difficult our situation is, we understand that it is teaching us self-love.
  • -if one soul fully heals through a conscious shift to complete self-love, then in time all souls will heal.
  • -we are divine human consciousness. We choose not to suffer. All is ease. All is love.
  • -when we release others from the painful stories that we carry, we all grow and thrive.
  • -when we achieve complete self-love, our life is a miracle, and we experience both physical and situational bliss.
  • -within self-love, others’ flaws, issues and hard times no longer trigger us. We have no embarrassment for self and therefore only love for self and others. Needy attachments disappear.
  • -appreciation is natural and easy and creates happiness.
  • -when we align our ego with our heart and soul, happiness and success are the natural outcome.
  • -the sacred cosmic sense of order always leads to greater love and happiness.
  • -when we release the weight of the world from our mind, body, spirit and soul then we are light.
  • -love brings abundance and abundance brings love.
  • -following our intended powerful path to fulfillment always brings bliss.
  • -unconditional trust ultimately yields happiness.
  • -unconditional forgiveness leads to the end of suffering.
  • -everything can be healed with love.
  • -forgiveness leading to self-love is the path to heal.


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