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Our Beliefs Create the Facts

Humanity is governed by belief systems. These belief systems are so wound into our consciousness that the belief systems become our reality. These belief systems define what is good and what is bad. For example, science tells us that the less we eat the thinner we are – therefore because this is such a widely […]

It’s Easier to be Healthy than Sick

Our truest existence is our enthusiastic, happy, and enlightened being that loves life and in return has a great life. The life we are more familiar with has some happiness but includes bouts of struggle, pain, overcoming obstacles, incredibly hard work and unbearable loneliness. As I have developed The Path to Heal through channeling and […]

Why The Path to Heal, Why Now? Channeled message from your archangels

The Path to Heal is a healing system given to Rebecca Cohen at this time because the world is ready for the shift into love and abundance. Much of the world is divided, providing contrast, so that individuals can discover that peace is not only the better option, but the only option. The Path to […]