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What I’ve learned from Covid-19 clients

Although it’s been a year since Covid-19 was so powerfully in our energy, I have only recently worked with many who are struggling with Covid.  Each of these clients has different primary symptoms including: extreme fatigue, brain fog, sore throat, congestion, cough, fever, heaviness on chest, breathing issues, joint pain (sometimes extreme) and taste/smell issues.  […]

Love not Zen

I am often asked about or told that the path to enlightenment is about becoming Zen to your pain. This is not something that The Path to Heal strives for.  Pain exists to get our attention and is actually the key to our healing.  If I became Zen to my pain, then the key would […]

Virus Healing and “Do I Matter?”

On Sunday, I received this text from a very wise friend: I think the virus will leave once we know where it comes from and why it’s here… My intuition says that what we are learning to know is “I matter”. Once we believe it, it we will not be quite so angry. It may only […]

Raising Your Manifestation Vibration

There is a lot of talk in the spiritual community about raising your vibration.  But what does that really mean?  The insight that I received while developing The Path to Heal made this concept very clear to me. Raising your vibration is achieved by choosing Nutrition that fills you with joy and happiness Exercise that fills you […]

The Ultimate Conundrum

The ego creates the ultimate conundrum for us. We have two competing fears that leave many of us in a state of stress. We fear criticism. Most of us, even those of us who believe that we are immune to criticism, fear criticism. We are afraid of the crushing nature of criticism. Our unconscious blocks, […]

The Ultimate Healing

I have come to experience that everything that triggers us is a mirror of personal insecurity. The trigger can be a friend, loved one, political figure, entertainer, a situation, our computer, etc. If we’re bothered at all then it’s within ourselves to heal. There is a dimension of The Path to Heal that specifically helps […]

In the presence of fearlessness, there is no fear

I hadn’t seen one of my daughters in a few months. I was driving to pick her up from her summer joy and I knew she was unhappy because I was thinking of moving cross country now that she was going to college. We don’t fight much and I wanted the reunion to be pleasant; […]


My daughter Anna was given an assignment to personify an emotion and she chose hope. After she wrote the first sentence she asked herself who she was writing about and she realized it was her mother (me). I was so touched by this piece because I realized that although Anna doesn’t always agree with me, […]

Our Beliefs Create the Facts

Humanity is governed by belief systems. These belief systems are so wound into our consciousness that the belief systems become our reality. These belief systems define what is good and what is bad. For example, science tells us that the less we eat the thinner we are – therefore because this is such a widely […]

It’s Easier to be Healthy than Sick

Our truest existence is our enthusiastic, happy, and enlightened being that loves life and in return has a great life. The life we are more familiar with has some happiness but includes bouts of struggle, pain, overcoming obstacles, incredibly hard work and unbearable loneliness. As I have developed The Path to Heal through channeling and […]