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0 D: Genesis –Genesis is a complete healing system. It can be used daily to understand the genesis of issues that need to be healed and then release the physical issues and negative circumstances that block happiness. This dimension incorporates Shamanism. To help us achieve a profound shift in awareness and repattern to oneness and because animal consciousness is totally aware of oneness, animal spirit guides are invoked to assist the client on the journey into the realm of oneness and pure love.Genesis mimics the philosophy and healing power of the rest of The Path to Heal.Taught as a stand-alone unit (5 Massage Therapy Continuing Education credits available)
1st D: Pure Love – This dimension provides the structure for a Path session and provides the gateways to all other Path dimensions. This dimension can also be utilized stand-alone and provide clients with a complete healing session. The healing comes from the identification of wounding events and the resulting obstacles that are manifested so as to avoid feeling guilt and/or other negative emotions that the original wound creates. The insight gained coupled with healing energy, guided by crystals and tuning forks, leads to a very quick improvement of the health issues and a life that has much less struggle in it.Taught as part of Practitioner Training (14 Massage Therapy Continuing Education credits available)

2nd D: Mystic Consciousness – The 2nd Dimension heals through the renewal of the spirit. It does this by:

  • healing genetic predispositions by finding the root cause of the predisposition, which always comes from the dampening of spirit, but could have occurred in this life, in a past life, or by our ancestors and then passed down through our genes.
  • defining enabling patterns between the client and those connected to the client; then releasing the “need” for them.
  • Identifying and then gaining the courage to make changes that honor self.

Taught as part of Practitioner Training

3rd D: Living Our Bliss – The 3rd Dimension awakens us to the bliss of the present moment. Healing comes from freeing the body from the mind’s limiting belief systems (so that the mind’s negativity does not manifest in body conditions) , opening up Akashic records to provide context for our transformational opportunities based on our soul’s journey and by the use of crystals and the healing properties of harmonics emitted by singing bowls.Taught as part of Practitioner Training
4th D: Divine Repatterning – In this stand-alone dimension, the healing brings the client, community of consciousness or animal closer to God or “All There Is.” The ordination received in training, opens the practitioner up to becoming a vessel for healing and to the reception of miracles. Kabbalah healing points, tuning forks and crystals are the healing vehicles used in this dimension.The 4th Dimension works differently than other dimensions in that the practitioner acts as a vessel for healing and there is little conscious enlightenment to healing issues. The 4th Dimension also specifically provides healing to animals and communities.Taught stand-alone and as part of Practitioner Training (7 Massage Therapy Continuing Education credits)
5th D: Love is All – The 5th Dimension helps us recognize and release belief systems that repress aspects of self, so that we can express our whole self, even those aspects that we had deemed as unlovable. In this dimension, we learn that duality (the judgment of good vs. bad) is an illusion and by releasing judgment we learn that love is all. We also heal the body as a microcosm of the universe and the universe acts as a macrocosm of the body; therefore this dimension also promotes healing of the planet.Taught as part of Practitioner Training

6th D: Miracle of Healing – The 6th Dimension raises our consciousness so that we are able to see our truths and dishonesties in a clear light. The honesty gained helps us to heal our deepest fear: the fear of expressing our personal power. It is the full expression of personal power that leads to the miracle of healing.Taught as part of Practitioner Training

7th D: I Am That I Am –– In this dimension, we reunify:

  1. Self with God and others
  2. Levels of the mind: Superconscious, conscious and subconscious
  3. Self with higher self/soul
  4. All time/space into the present moment
  5. Self with collective mind

Taught as part of Practitioner Training

8th D: Vibrational Harmony – The 8th Dimension identifies why we are out of vibrational harmony with our preferences and therefore unable to manifest our desires. By getting to the root of our fears that block our desires, we are able to manifest good health, loving relationships, life affirming work and financial freedom.Taught as part of Practitioner Training
9th 9th D: Consciousness – To fully love self (which yields consciousness of our true nature) we must open to fully giving and receiving and understand that giving and receiving are the same thing.  If one does not give to oneself, because the universe always balances itself, there is no room to receive.  Additionally, if one does not give to others, there is no room to receive.  In the 9th Dimension, the blocks to the balance of giving and receiving are identified and healed and our true nature and zest for life is expressed.  Taught as part of Practitioner Training
10th D: Be in Your Power – When we are in our power our light fully shines and we are peaceful because we are easily guided through signs and synchronicities that direct our life’s purpose and provide fulfillment and bliss. This dimension provides context as to why our light has dimmed. It can either be from conditional love from this lifetime, a past life, or from an ancestor coded into our DNA.The consequence of the conditioning is that we allow triggers, embarrassment and/or control games to take us out of our power, to stop us from experiencing the negative emotions associated with expressing a basic need.Taught as part of Practitioner Training

11th D – Ego Enlightenment: The unenlightened ego is preoccupied with protecting self from shame and guilt. The ego utilizes the subconscious mind to generate mental and physical states to aid in the prevention of these emotions. The enlightened ego is aware that when we are “enthusiastically ourselves” we are always on the right path and there can be no guilt or shame. The outcome of this enlightenment is that the ego resonates to the soul and therefore engages in furthering the soul’s purpose rather than in defensiveness.Taught as part of Practitioner Training

12th D: Create New Light – In this dimension we discover that, because we are all God or “All There Is”, we have the power to create new light or that which our heart desires. Light is created when we remove stressors and then align ourselves with our divine attributes:  peace, gracefulness, joy, patience and most importantly, unconditional love.  Through the insight gained from this dimension, we discover that we have actually manifested the stressors in our lives to keep us from feeling guilt or shame.  Once the stressors are removed, we align with our soul’s purpose and our soul’s desires will naturally manifest.  This dimension has three subsessions: Individual Consciousness, Community Consciousness and Human Consiosuenss and the healing is directed on these three levels.Taught as part of Practitioner Training


1st Dimension
Pavestone Protocols

Align Reality to the Heart  — The lessons that we are here on Earth to learn all share the same theme which is that unstoppability comes from honoring our hearts.  The reason that we find ourselves in the same difficult pattern repeatedly is that we are afraid to discover and honor our heart’s desires because in the past when we honored our hearts we were hurt and we are addicted to hurt avoidance.

The Buddha is called in the entry to give us the sure knowledge that we are never alone when we act in integrity with our hearts, making it safe to be vulnerable which is required when honoring our hearts.  The outcome of working through this protocol leads to our complete ability to manifest our heart’s desires.


Divine Actualization — Divine Actualization (the expression of our divine purpose) is a series of seven techniques performed to aid in the actualization process. Actualization occurs when the ego is resonating with the soul. Divine Actualization places us energetically in the Path’s Divine Actualization grid for healing. The grid, with its flowing crystal and angelic energy, provides the safety that the ego requires to release its constant need to protect from hurt and rejection.

Quantum Shift –This protocol uses an inter-dimensional correction to balance metabolism to resonate our being to our soul. Or we resonate a group, as large as all of humanity with the group’s collective soul. The fractal nature of our existence creates patterns that repeat exponentially. At each point of the pattern’s recurrence, we have the opportunity to choose self-acceptance and forgiveness. If chosen, a correction will occur, integrating denied aspects of self back into the soul of our human existence. To expedite the shift, our reality is repatterned using a blueprint from another reality or dimension wherein this struggle does not exists. This ignites a pattern of peace and unconditional love that expands at light speed to every particle in the universe, evolving the very nature of existence.
Quantum Shift can be performed as part of a Path session or stand-alone.
  Inner Peace — This protocol is arrived at from the Path’s Ascension, Transmutation and Courage pavestones. This protocol releases humanity’s attraction to negative forces that pull us away from our divine, optimistic and peaceful selves. This technique corrects the human perception that we need negativity to create positivity. Correcting this perception will evolve humanity. It allows us to release any need to suffer, ever. When we have the courage to transmute our fear-based dependence on negativity to positivity, we ascend.
Inner Peace can be performed as part of a Path session or stand-alone.
Peace on Earth — This protocol is arrived at from the Path’s Joy, Peace, and Grace pavestones and from the Divine Feminine. Peace on Earth shines light and love on our true nature to heal our tendency to create violent patterns inside our mind and body and inside our world to avoid peace. Peace is scary to us, as it allows us to experience our true nature and be in our power, which may cause a disruption to family and community values, which in turn causes fear of rejection and of being alone. This protocol gives us the courage to ascend by energetically providing the sure knowledge that others will follow.

Healing the Inner Child — Starting at a very young age, we defend against the shame that being in a relaxed and pleasurable state exposes because in this state we perceive that we cannot hide our weaknesses.  The defense is to block pleasure by subconsciously creating unpleasant thoughts that manifest negative circumstances “helping” us deflect the shame. The first step of the Inner Child protocol places us in to all four Path grids which surround us with pure love and light making it safe for us to release these defenses leading to a clear, optimistic mind and a struggle free existence. This protocol creates immunity to the opinion of others leading to the expression of our authentic self thus replacing shame with pleasure.
I am Loved – The Path to Heal Shortcut: The Path to Heal heals the part of us that is not loving to self which heals our
subconscious need to create negative circumstances and physical conditions. The reason we choose to be unloving to self by creating conditions is because we perceive that these conditions protect us from feeling unloved by others. In other words we subconsciously chose these conditions to “honor” others rather than honoring ourselves. This shortcut (which simplifies The Path into its basic message) allows us to see ourselves as God sees us with eyes of love resulting in our ability to stand alone in our truths because we have the knowingness that we are never really alone, as we are one with God and every living thing.
The shortcut can be used stand-alone when we don’t have Path tools with us. The protocol can be memorized and the tools can be visualized. It is very effective at healing many conditions very quickly. The Shortcut can be performed as part of a Path session or stand-alone.
Heart of Isis:  Heart of ISISheals the human need to hold onto conditions so as not to “devalue” our communities.  These conditions however devalue us.  Heart of ISIS merges us with what is in our own hearts so that we do what we love, while being immune to the actions and opinions of others. In other words, Heart of ISIS gives us the courage to be our unstoppable inspired selves.
2nd1 Existential Enlightenment:  When we are ready, we understand that the meaning of our existence is to unconditionally love the good, the bad and the ugly. We become aware that all is beautiful because anything that we perceive as negative solely exists as a mirror to teach us how to give ourselves unconditional love. And when the unconditional love is given, we merge with our divine blueprint (storing our potential), guilt and negativity disappear and we experience the pleasure that is only available to us in our human incarnation. When we merge with our potential (which by necessity is defined as absolute self love and compassion for all), struggle ends, resulting in a purified “you”, fully able to contribute to the New World.
Conscious Enlightenment:  There comes a time in our journey to enlightenment that we become consciously aware of the universal truths that at one time seemed hard to grasp.  These truths represent the understanding that every  aspect of our world has a sacred cosmic sense of order and perfection. Here-to-fore, we have not been able to fully understand these truths as the repressed understanding has helped us transform an aspect of our lives.  When this protocol comes up, it means that the client is now ready for a conscious understanding of these blocked truths.  The healing comes fromEnlightened Awareness, which is the understanding that all concepts that seem contrasting are one and the same.  We find peace and are fulfilled when we exist in the balance of these seemingly contrasting ideas.

Other Protocols
 Communion Communion (taught as part of Pure Light) – This protocol facilitates the embodiment of the Divine.  It allows us to release tension and dis-ease, creating mental clarity so that our divinity flows through our body, yielding an infinite ability to solve problems and release struggle. In this class, we shed light on situations that are causing stress by muscle testing to determine the underlying root of that stress.  We then learn a series of techqniques that allow us to release the stress and manifest our relaxed pleasure.  Communion can be performed as part of a Path session or stand-alone.
Pure Light – This simple protocol transmutes struggle to joy by resonating our pleasure and brilliance to the vibration of our heart. This Divine attunement enlightens us to the awareness that we can never hurt self or another when we are aligned with our heart’s pleasure, thereby dissolving fear, guilt, shame, blame, pain, feelings of loss and dis-ease. In the Pure Light class we also learn Communion as defined above.  Pure Light can be performed as part of a Path session or stand-alone.  Practitioners are encouraged to teach client Pure Light. 5 Massage Therapy Continuing Ed Credits are available for this course.
 divinemagic Mystical Manifestation – Divine Magic  (also taught in the Mystical Manifestation book) — Divine Magic gives us the courage to embrace our authentic self, which enables us to manifest our heart’s desires.  In this class, we create a wish list and then learn a series of simple techniques that align our minds with our heart and soul, which is the magic behind unstoppability and manifestation. Muscle testing through this protocol also provides insight as to why we have not yet manifested our dreams.  Divine Magic can be performed as part of a Path session or stand-alone. 3 Massage Therapy Continuing Ed Credits are available for this course.
 Pure Joy Pure Joy — This protocol is an alternative method of performing The Path to Heal sessions.  It uses a more whimsical approach by having clients throw stones on the Pure Joy diagram to determine which Path dimensions will be performed.  Throwing stones may seem random to clients, however, because we are spiritually guided through every step, stone throwing gives us accurate direction.This approach gives us the knowingness that every day is a blissful day. As stated continually In The Path to Heal, we consciously or subconsciously manifest every circumstance in our life: the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Once we perform this protocol, we gain a deep awareness that our empowered happiness depends only on us and that no external force can hurt us, and therefore we can never hurt another.  With this knowledge we are able to love our circumstances unconditionally, and this complete removal of fear gives us the ability to create miracles. Therefore Pure Joy is often used to help a depressed client or a client who lacks joy or purpose.


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