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Path to Prosperity

Path to Prosperity – Healing for Businesses, Organizations, and Individuals

We are entitled to live our dreams and receive abundance at the same time!  The path to our prosperity is to do what inspires us the most every day. When businesses and organizations truly utilize the unique and inspired gifts of each of individual who works on their behalf, the higher good will be served and growth and profitability is the natural outcome.

If you would like to build abundance in your personal or work life, a very enjoyable Path to Prosperity session can turn your life around. The session’s energy can be directed to an individual, a group of people or an organization.

How does it work?

The Path to Prosperity, which is part of The Path to Heal facilitates the shift to prosperity in all aspects of life by:

1) Awakening and organizing our sensory input, utilizing essences, sounds, crystals and tastes.  This opens our ability to know who we are and connect to our insprations.

2) Removing blocks to prosperity, many of which come from past life guilt leading to current life  karmic contracts. Guilt builds through participating in previous lifetimes with the same souls and believing that our behavior caused injury to another.  The Path to Prosperity enlightens these contracts. The contract does not always take a positive form. Our contract may be to misbehave towards another to help that person find inspiration through his or her strength. However, this simply creates more karma. Therefore, the only solution is to jump off the karmic wheel by releasing these guilt based contracts and allow inspiration to come from a deep connection to our personal divinity rather than through solving problems that we create.

The outcome of releasing these contracts is human evolution, which is defined in The Path as an energetic shift in which we emerge from the pattern of guilt and shame to embrace entitlement to desires that fulfill our basic needs and make our hearts sing. Evolution is the key to prosperity in all aspects of life.

In every relationship, our unique gifts can fit together like a perfect puzzle to serve the highest good. The Path to Prosperity is immensely helpful to businesses and organizations as it helps them find their paths to serve the highest good which will always lead to profitability and growth (aka Prosperity).

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