What I’ve learned from Covid-19 clients

Although it’s been a year since Covid-19 was so powerfully in our energy, I have only recently worked with many who are struggling with Covid.  Each of these clients has different primary symptoms including: extreme fatigue, brain fog, sore throat, congestion, cough, fever, heaviness on chest, breathing issues, joint pain (sometimes extreme) and taste/smell issues.  These symptoms do not differ from what’s been reported medically, and I’m haven’t been working with those that are hospitalized.  It’s very interesting to see firsthand that the primary symptoms vary from person to person, but for every client that has reached out for help, they are truly sick for two weeks and experience some post-covid trauma.

What I’ve experienced energetically is that Covid clients prior to infection had not given themselves permission to slow down.  Making healing harder is that these Covid sufferers feel very irresponsible for putting themselves or others in harm’s way for the contact that transmitted the infection.  The loudest energetic component that I’ve discovered is related to the concept of do I matter?  The struggle may be conscious or unconscious and  has many forms such as:

  • I can’t matter because my loved-one doesn’t take care or have time for me
  • I have not discovered how I can meaningfully help the world
  • Self-care is forced rather than natural because taking care of me feels indulgent and wrong
  • I overwork to prove that I matter
  • My body is a mess and therefore susceptible to Covid because I’m not worthy of health
  • I’m at odds with my loved-ones because my politics and philosophy differ and therefore if you don’t agree with me I must prove that I matter
  • I’m afraid to relax into my enlightened state of being (which means seeing everything as love) because you may not “get” me and therefore my loving presence doesn’t matter
  • Covid has penetrated the cracks in my armor – the armor is present because I don’t want to feel that I don’t matter
  • I’m desperate to make a major change in my life but I’m not confident enough to do it
  • I have sticky problems that won’t heal and therefore I’m not good enough

The beauty is that The Path to Heal is based on the premise that self-love is the only path to truly heal and when you release blocks to self-love you inherently know that you matter.  It’s been a joy to help clients heal from Covid and release post Covid symptoms while embracing self-love and the knowingness that I matter!

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