The Path and the Soul’s Journey

I was asked by my students why an easy, abundant life was manifesting quickly for some but not for all.  I asked this question to ISIS and the answer was channeled in through Ellen Carey, Path practitioner and ISIS oracle.  The response was so powerful and explains...

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What is Multi-Dimensional Healing

While performing a Path session on my sister Sara last week, we got stopped mid session as often happens when I'm being asked to bring something new in.  Getting stopped means that I muscle test the Path's protocol and get all no's, meaning that there is nothing that...

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When Food is Joy

            Although food had been a family issue since childhood and I always felt a few pounds over weight, food never became an obsessive issue for me until a few years ago.  As I was doing energy work and creating The Path, I found myself in a constant state of...

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Message from ISIS

The Path to Heal and its 25 healing protocols were developed by me based on muscle testing then refining protocols until the healing delivered was fully helping clients release their physical symptoms and negative circumstances.  The Path was also channelled into me...

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From Darkness into Light

I had a week that was so filled with difficulties that I named it the Synchronistically Bad Week. One example was: I drove to Baltimore to pick up my daughter from the airport.  I get stopped by a cop for doing 81 mph in a 55mph zone. (I’m usually known as a slow...

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The Beauty of Creating our own Reality

We create our own reality.  This statement is the premise of The Path to Heal.  It can be hard to explain this statement to my clients who have been fighting with every ounce of their being to overcome illness and other hardships.  They may feel judged by this...

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Path to Prosperitiy and Ho’oponopono Philosophy

When I was on Loretta Vasso’s radio show last night introducing Path to Prosperity I had a deep insight that this modality is connected to the Ho’oponopono philosophy that peace begins inside of each of us.  In the attached interview with Dr. Hew Len this philosophy...

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Our new dog Archie or “Our Qi”

One week ago today, my family adopted Archie, a 13 month old black lab.  Archie was raised to be a service dog but his fear of loud noises and the unrecognizable caused him to be dropped from the program.  So we received the gift of a beautiful black lab who is very...

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The Realization of Desires

“Do you know what you want?  Do you know that you are the creator of your own experience?  Are you enjoying the evolution of your desire?  Do you feel the freshness of a new desire pulsing within you?”  asks Abraham, the spiritual guide that channels through Esther...

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Our Deepest Fear

I have found that I have had to personally experience every issue that The Path to Heal helps people address. As I have been bringing The Path out to the world in a very public manner I have had a chest cold that didn't want to go away. And as I was given insight as...

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To Fear or Not to Fear our Environment

As a part of introducing The Path to Heal to the healing community I have attended many networking events for alternative healthcare practitioners.  The meetings are very interesting as everyone present has discovered their own path to health, something that has truly...

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Genetic Predispositions

I have been lucky enough to have received some insight as to why we have genetic predispositions to certain conditions. And although "it's all in the genes" I believe that the genesis of these conditions has very little to do with the physical and much more to do with...

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The Path to Prosperity

I’ve been considering names for my business model which is in development. The business model will be similar to the individual model but will focus on helping businesses and organizations dissipate obstacles. The first name that came to mind was The Path to Prosperity.

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About The Path to Heal

Can you imagine living a life without struggle? The Path to Heal makes this possible by helping clients heal physical conditions and other obstacles that limit success.

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