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About The Path to Heal

Can you imagine living a life without struggle?  The Path to Heal makes this possible by helping us dissipate obstacles that limit success.

The Path to Heal, allows us to achieve our highest potential and live abundant lives by releasing resistance to the following three self affirming statements:

  1. I am enthusiastically myself at all times;
  2. I trust all good things will come to me; and
  3. I unconditionally give and receive love.

These affirmations align us to our centers, so that we attract exactly what we need to be happy and give to others as well.

In addition to spiritual healing, The Path leads to significant physical healing because it utilizes our physical symptoms to light the healing path. Conditions are symptomatic manifestations of our blocks to self-love. Once the blocks are addressed, the symptoms frequently dissipate and we discover that self love is the only path to heal.

The Path to Heal can relieve many conditions including, but not limited to: Addictions, Allergies, Bacterial and Viral Infections, Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Fears and Phobias, Headaches, Insomnia, and Stress. Clients of any age (including very young children) can benefit from The Path to Heal.

The Path to Heal is non-invasive and completely safe. The Path to Heal is not contraindicative to any medical treatment and can be performed in conjunction with medical treatment.

In a Path session the practitioner utilizes three crystals and the Mi tuning fork to perform simple non invasive techniques to aid the healing processes. The three crystals are: aquamarine — which illuminates our healing issues, rose quartz — the crystal of self love, and the amethyst — which enhances our spirituality and transmutes negativity. The Mi (aka “E” note) tuning fork is attuned the vibration of unconditional love and is used to regenerate healthy DNA.

The practitioner follows The Path to Heal diagram to conduct a session. The Path diagram is broken into three primary sections: Illumination,

Enlightenment and Transformation. Illumination provides the understanding that struggle is simply blocks to self love and once understood, the struggle can be released. Enlightenment provides personalized insight allowing us to see why we manifest struggle instead of abundance. In The Path to Heal this insight comes from utilizing muscle testing to define wounding events that have impacted us and provides an understanding as to why we have manifested specific obstacles in our lives. Transformation elevates us to a state of higher consciousness, one in which we fully know self, so that we naturally become completely loving individuals who engage fully and attract all good things.

Each Path session is different based on the client’s healing needs and the direction of the session is guided through gentle muscle testing of the client.

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