The Path to Heal was developed by Rebecca Cohen from her search to help herself heal from a very debilitating case of Lyme Disease. After contracting Lyme and taking antibiotics for three weeks, Rebecca’s Infectious Disease specialist told her that there was nothing else traditional medicine could do for her so she looked elsewhere. Over the years, she became a client of many different energy modalities including acupuncture, chiropractic care, NET, NAET, and BodyTalk.

After Rebecca received her first BodyTalk session (a healing system developed by John Veltheim) she was so intrigued with utilizing muscle testing to understand subconscious patterns that she immediately jumped into being a student of BodyTalk. Over the next two years she studied BodyTalk, becoming an Advanced practitioner and a PaRama practitioner. She also studied Reiki and Healing Touch.

Rebecca always found herself looking for deeper answers to help herself and others heal from their illnesses. She found these answers by utilizing known modalities and then when those didn’t work she would develop new options for healing based on messages received during meditation then checking for accuracy using muscle testing. Developing these answers culminated in the formulation of The Path to Heal. The Path to Heal consists of over 50 dimensions (healing protocols). A practitioner enters the dimensions, energetically bringing in loving energy from each of these dimensions  and protocols are followed to determine why one holds onto struggle.  This healing system is like no other.  The insight gained and the vibrational tools used to raise your vibration to love creates spectacular healing.

Rebecca has written over 25 books and created 12 Path card decks that can be used in healing sessions or stand-alone.

Sacred symbology is used extensively in The Path.  Shiya Stone and Jessica de Waal created most of the original art and Kelly Greene is the graphic artist.  The Path is what is it because of these amazing artists.

Rebecca received her BA in Psychology from Barnard College and her MBA from the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA. Prior to becoming a healing practitioner, Rebecca was a marketing director at major US banks for 18 years.

The only thing that Path asks us to aspire to is grace.  Grace means having love and forgiveness of self because life isn’t simple or straight forward. When we discover grace for self, then giving grace to others is easy.  It is at this moment of grace that doors open up and our life experience becomes more loving, abundant and joyful.  This has been my journey that I am sharing with others.

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