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Sound Healing

The tuning fork recordings (accessed through the links below) are associated with the book Sound Medicine by Rebecca Cohen.  The link  will give you access to recordings of 30+ tuning forks stored in Google Drive and/or Dropbox.  In order to use, you will need a Google Drive or Drop Box account.  It’s free!  You can download or play from here.

Click here to access the Tuning Fork Recordings on Google Drive

Click here to access and download the Tuning Forks on Drop Box

You can use the recordings instead of purchasing most of the tuning forks in the book. However, if you are are using this book frequently, purchasing the tuners themselves with give you a richer experience.  The Body Tuners have not been recorded because their vibration is too low and should be used directly on the client’s body.

You can continue to go back to (sound tab where you are right now) to play these recordings by accessing the link.  Or you can play each one at least once and then move them from recently played to a folder in Google Drive.  Or you can copy the link above, paste into a new tab in your browser and then create a bookmark for that link.  Alternatively, you can add the link to your favorites.  (But if this all seems too complicated, just play them from sound tab.)

Below are links to purchase the  tuning fork sets.

Kaballah – Click here to purchase Kabbalah 12 fork set

(12 piece set including Genesis & Da’at should be purchased)

Genesis 531 Hz

Da’at 1554 Hz

Keter 1092 Hz

Chesed 982 Hz

Hod 870 Hz

Tiferet 757 Hz

Netzach 644 Hz

Malchut 582 Hz

Chokma 430 Hz

Yesod 320 Hz

Gevurah 298 Hz

Bina 187 Hz

Fibonacci – Click here to purchase Fibonacci set starting with 256 C

Path # Fibonacci Ratio Tuning Fork Hz Music Notes
F1 1/1 256  C
F2 2/1 512  C
F3 3/2 384  G
F4 5/3 426.66  A
F5 8/5 409.6
F6 13/8 416
F7 21/13 413.54
F8 34/21 414.47


Solfeggio Energy Tuners – Etheric Color Tuning Forks     (to purchase email Susan Maule –

Solfeggio – UT 396 Hz

Solfeggio – RE 417 Hz

Solfeggio – MI 528 Hz

Solfeggio – FA 639 Hz

Solfeggio – SOL 741 Hz

Solfeggio – LA 852 Hz

Serenity Tuner – 432 Hz available on Amazon

Crystal Planetary Tuners (to purchase email Susan Maule –

Earth 4096 Hz (also know as the Crystal Tuner)

Moon 3366.72 Hz

Sun 4039.04 Hz

Venus 3539.68 Hz

Jupiter 2937.28 Hz

Body Tuners – Weighted Planetary Tuners (to purchase email Susan Maule –  These tuners are not part of the recording.

Body Tuner – Sun 126.22 Hz

Body Tuner – Mars 144.72 Hz

Body Tuner – Moon 210.42 Hz

Body Tuner – Earth 136.1 (Om Tuner)


Body Tuner – 256 Hz available on Amazon






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