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Each paragraph below is a separate testimonial from The Path to Heal clients.

The Wonder Session: Rebecca Cohen is an amazing healer Our session together was like a walking miracle, healing lifetimes of karmic energy. In just a short Wonder session I felt a miracle had been worked the moment she reached out to me. I highly recommend contacting her for a healing session. I had an extremely profound heart opening and I feel finally at peace in my spirit ! We went through all the chakras as I felt the shifts aligning into harmony. A true blessing happened today.

Belly Fat:  The Path to Heal saved me $4,000 since I was considering liposuction two years ago.  This is me at a Bruno Mars concert.

Enjoyment of The Path’s half day classes: I have really benefitted from every class – have always come away with great learnings that I can incorporate right away.  The dowsing has been very helpful in other areas of my life – checking for supplements, food, etc.  I have used the channeling multiple times for myself and clients.  The “mini” Path sessions from My Path to Joy are very “enlightening” of patterns that I would otherwise not be aware of and would be blocking me. 

Practitioner Studies: It’s a year of learning to love ourselves and to help others love themselves. It is hard to not love ourselves after these months of teachings.

Resentment:  The more blocks Path helps me release the better I feel.  I had a lot of resentment when I started working with you a few years ago and Path has helped me release it.  You are such a blessing in my life.

Covid: I could feel a change within an hour of my remote  The Path To Heal Session and my smell/taste started coming back.  This was a deeply healing session and I highly recommend you check it out.

Hope & Back Pain: I wanted to let you know that after our session I felt an overwhelming sense of Hope.  Also.. it is like a miracle. My spine has been aligned and 95% pain free since Wednesday (5 days ago). I’ve been having to nap and sleep a lot since then too.  I haven’t felt this good in over 6 months. 😊❤️

Cystic Acne: My experience with PATH was great. I had been pretty sick for a few years and had started  natural/ holistic treatment which was working very very well except for the adult acne and painful cysts I was getting all over. My Holistic practitioner couldn’t figure out why I was still suffering with it or what else to try to treat it with.  I made an appointment with Judy Dingler (NJ Spirituality) and let her decide what direction our appointment would go in. She had no idea about the cyst and boils but I’m sure she could see the facial acne. She did a PATH session with me where we discovered why I had been getting them and how to treat it.  After our session she sent me on my way with a crystal grid that I needed to complete with crystals. (See Rebecca Cohen’s Divine Grids, A Celebration of Crystal Healing). I purchased the crystals and sat the grid on my nightstand. I could absolutely notice a difference in  my face and I was no longer getting the cyst or boils on other parts of my body. Every Thursday I put the grid with crystals in the drawer so the room can be cleaned. I always take it back out before bed. Two weeks ago I forgot to take it out and it stayed in the drawer for almost a week.  I got 2 cysts and some acne on my backside. I then realized the grid wasn’t out.  I quickly put it where it belongs and within 20 minutes the cyst ruptured giving me much needed relief and the acne started to dry up.   I felt hopeless a few months ago, that I’d be this adult with acne forever. I no longer feel that way thanks to Judy and PATH. (This healing was two years ago and the acne has remained clear.)

Stress from Special Needs Child: I live a very stressful life caring for my adult son with severe special needs. Through my sessions I have learned to relax through this stress and therefore the stress is no longer taking its toll on my body and soul. I have had weekly Path sessions for 6 months and I am so happy with the results. After 35 years of continued use, I have been able to stop using my steroid inhaler for asthma (had been using at least 2x daily) and have stopped taking my allergy medication. (I have successfully passed through allergy season without incident.) Additionally I no longer need to take cholesterol medicine and I no longer suffer from chronic bladder infections.

Lyme Disease: When I first went to Rebecca for healing sessions, I was an emotional and physical wreck. I had been struggling with chronic Lyme disease for approximately a year with symptoms of brain fog, memory loss, fatigue, and severe urinary urgency. I tried various antibiotic treatments that provided little relief and gave me terrible side effects. I was desperate to get better and looked to alternative methods for symptom relief. For seven months, I went to an acupuncture specialist and integrative medical doctor twice a week to eliminate the symptoms of “incurable Lyme disease”. I endured extremely painful treatments such as bee venom injections in my head and groin, injections into the bladder nerves, ozone therapy similar to blood transfusions, and acupuncture. I also took herbal and homeopathic remedies, used a KMT machine for bio-energetic therapy, and took a plethora of supplements. Although these treatments drastically improved my condition, after seven months my health plateaued and I was still only 50% of my healthy self. I began dreading the weekly painful treatments. Not only did it consume much of my schedule and my life, there was no further improvement in my health. At this point, I was willing to try any therapy that would help, no matter how unconventional it was.  After more online research, my mom found Rebecca’s Path to Heal website, and made my first appointment. I remember when I first met Rebecca, I was frustrated and had pretty much lost all hope of getting better. My boyfriend had just dumped me because he did not want to deal with all of my health problems anymore.  Depression and anxiety consumed me. It was during this time of need, that I was rescued. I have been seeing Rebecca weekly for about five months now, and although my symptoms return occasionally, I am pretty much back to my healthy self! I can’t explain how her therapy works, but I gradually felt the bladder urgency disappear. I also have so much more energy, and I am thriving in my new job as an Emergency Room nurse. Rebecca helped me with emotional problems, which I never knew existed, that were holding me back and blocking my healing. I am a more whole person than I ever was, physically and emotionally. I still have much self-improvement ahead, but Rebecca’s sessions have forever changed my life. I look forward to our sessions every week as opposed to the previous therapies I had tried.  I continue to be excited about what the future holds, as I continue to live my life, all thanks to Rebecca and her wisdom, unconditional support, and healing powers.

Back Pain: I have had that knot in my back for 6 months. I was sure it was muscular. However, after one Path session, it is gone. (note from Rebecca.  I do believe that the pain was muscular, however, all pain has a psycho-spiritual root which can be released through Path.)

Recent Text from Client:  “I don’t know how the rest of the world lives without you.”

Recent Email from Client: Dear Rebecca, the best testimonial I can think of for you is the fact that you became my “one stop shop” in getting my health and life back into harmony. Your gifts are truly authentic as I trust you with all my being. I know all you want is the best for all and anyone. It is an honor to work with you. Your candid, confident, and uncanny approach makes every session special and powerful. There is no wasted time with you! You make things happen and inspire us to do the same. Thank you!! You are a blessing. You have changed my life in ways I could not have done on my own. You inspire me to reach beyond what my own eyes and heart can see. I am once again a healthy person in all dimensions of my being because of you! You are a true gift.

Flu Session:  My 3rd grader shared her flu with me, I had a high fever, chills, headache, congestion, and could not keep down even the smallest amount of liquids.  I had a phone session with Rebecca and after a rough evening woke up with an appetite, and no fever, congestion, nothing.  I’m still a little tired but amazed and thankful for the great result!

Personal Transformation 1: I have been working with Rebecca for almost 2 1/2 years as a client and as an artist for The Path to Heal. I met Rebecca during the most tumultuous time in my life and I know that through the work of The Path, the last 2 1/2 years have become the most transformative years of my life and now I am clear about who I am, I am at peace with the past and I am excited about the unfolding of the future. The Path to Heal is a magical journey in healing and self discovery. I highly recommend experiencing it for yourself. It is an incredibly unique healing modality that compliments the shift of energy that we are all experiencing at some level and it is designed to be a fast track to living the life you deserve and desire. 

Personal Transformation 2: It seems that my personal transformation process has been very accelerated in recent weeks (more so than in past months) as we move towards the planetary changes.  I have had many recent “aha” moments about myself, my personal power, and it feels like I am changing from inside out.  I’ve been on a healing journey for over 15 years, but have never quite experienced such accelerated changes in such a short period of time as I have in the last 4-6 weeks.  Through last week’s group Path session, as well as with sessions from my Path practitioner’s (Joanna Chodorowska) work with me, (and sessions with my therapist) I feel more emotionally balanced and more empowered to speak up for myself and to be who I really am.  Thank you for being a source of “support” to me, by developing and sharing The Path to Heal. I have felt significant changes within myself. – 12/21/12

Teacher:  Thank you for being one of my amazing teachers. I am co-leading a Manifestation workshop and it is full plus a waiting list. You have helped me develop my skills and become who I am today. I am very fortunate to share my gift with others.

Cards:  I purchased a Path to Heal card deck.  I pulled a card every day and found that the energy was so strong and clear that I was able to get the answers myself and I was able to cut back on the number of regular Path sessions that I was receiving.

Retrograde:  Retrograde came on with a vengeance.  I had a Path session and feel like a new person! Thank you Rebecca Cohen and The Path To Heal because I am not sure how I would have been by March 17th (the end of Retrograde)!

Digestive Issues: A year and half ago I was stricken with a digestive disorder that stumped the medical community. I was extremely miserable for months until I finally started improving after a few treatments from Rebecca and am now feeling much more like myself. I am truly grateful that Rebecca was guided to create The Path to Heal and that I am the recipient of this wonderful energy modality.

Tension Headaches: Honestly, I was a bit skeptical before and during treatment with Rebecca (especially because I seek scientific proof for everything), however I had become desperate for an alternative way to deal with my chronic tension headaches. Up until The Path to Heal, I had been plagued with three to five tension headaches weekly. Since my treatment (which is now over a month ago) I have noticed a significant decrease in headaches having had only three headaches since! I am finally starting to feel like myself again. Becky, thank you so much for such an enlightening and healing experience!

Quieting the mind: While working with Rebecca on a steady, consistent basis, I was able to “let go” of many blocks that prevented me from living in this moment, in love, in peace and in harmony with the universe. After sessions with Rebecca, I was able to experience true bliss and enlightenment, for the first time in my life.

Concussion: After my first concussion I suffered from Post-concussion syndrome for 6 months. A year later I got a second concussion and after one session with Rebecca my symptoms went away after only a couple days. My sciatic nerve pain was greatly improved by a couple sessions as well. I truly support this natural way of healing. It does wonders for the body and mind.

Being Stuck: I have been doing deep personal growth work for many years without being able to get to the core of my issues and get unstuck. In one session, Rebecca’s system discovered some of the root causes for many of the challenges in life. Further, her remedy procedures helped me address these issues and begin to heal them, finally getting unstuck! I really appreciate the process and highly recommend it to those who want to get to the heart of the matter!

Anger issues: Before I had my first Path session, I was an emotional mess. I held in my anger, and when I could not hold it any longer, I exploded. After seeing Rebecca, I have learned to ease the stress and anxiety, which in turn allowed me to release my anger in a more positive way.

I always wondered why I would do certain things, even if they didn’t make sense, and then repeat the mistake! Through The Path to Heal, Rebecca was able explain why I did what I did, and then healed the wound that generated the pattern so that I would stop making the same mistake again.

Lots of Stuff: I have had a series of health issues such as knee pain, chronic diarrhea, depression and an imbalanced thyroid. Additionally I always seemed to have a lot of family and relationship stress. I have been seeing Rebecca for over 2 years and most of my physical issues have resolved. Sometimes an issue, such as the diarrhea, resolved after only 1 session. But maybe more importantly, my family and relationship stress has minimized over the years because of the insights I have gained through working with Becky which has caused me to respond more positively to these stressors.

Interpersonal Stress: “I had a few sessions with Rebecca and got clarity about something of the interpersonal dynamics that were causing me distress. Through that clarity I was able to establish healthier boundaries that protected me. I also felt some relief from some of the chronic pain that has been plaguing me. Rebecca has a soothing, comforting style and has the ability to empathize with her clients in an empowering and engaging manner.

Aha Moments: I enjoyed my Path to Heal session because it gifted me several “aha! moments”.  Seeing how beliefs I hold block many areas of my work and personal life was simply exciting, because I gained a new understanding even as the work gave me a way out of those patterns.  I’ve felt much more relaxed and at peace since the session.  Thank you so much!

Miscarriage Grief: I met Path practitioner Judy Dingler a few years ago in a group reading and continued to see her from time to time through classes and personal readings.  Two years later, I suffered the loss of my daughter who was stillborn and a subsequent ectopic pregnancy that left me devastated and having to rebuild the life I thought I was going to have.  I started The Path to Heal last year and I cannot begin to tell you the ways it has helped my life.  In addition to giving me insight of where I am going, it helps unlock areas of healing we need from previous lifetimes that effect what is happening in this lifetime.  Each time we unlock something from the past or the Akashic records, I am given new intel and guidance that helps me understand where I have been, what I went through and where all of this is taking me. In losing my daughters, I lost a part of myself, but through The Path to Heal, I have been able to rebirth my soul. I am more confident, kind to myself and others and filled with love and light.  During the first few sessions, I felt like I was going to the session with a pile of problems that need to be solved.  Now that I have walked The Path to Heal and healed a lot of things within my soul, I come to sessions with positive energy, intrigue on what we will uncover and where this beautiful path will take me. I am able, confident, protected and full of love and light!  I highly recommend the services of Judy Dingler and The Path to Heal program.  I cannot find the words to exactly describe what happens but it is magical if you commit to it!  This is a level of self care I wish everyone would explore!

It feels so good: During my first The Path to Heal session, I began to feel lighter and lighter. It was like my body had become a balloon that kept expanding and rising.  I felt very peaceful and ethereal. A few days after the session, I noticed that I was no longer experiencing pain from the bursitis in my shoulder. I also have been feeling more empowered, spiritual, and confident.  I can’t wait to have my next session!

Liberation: I am SO grateful I had the joy of connecting with the incredibly beautiful Rebecca Cohen. I have experienced many healers over the years, and I feel this was one of the most profound sessions I have ever had. I absolutely loved my first session with the gracious and gifted Rebecca! She helped me to uncover and release some major blocks in owning my truth on my mission to serve and even in my marriage. She is highly intuitive, filled with love and holds space for you so you may feel safe to be vulnerable and to fully express. I feel like a miracle occurred in my session, as I feel a shift at a soul level…my soul feels liberated and ready to soar! I highly recommend Rebecca and I personally look forward to booking more sessions with her! I am also very interested in her amazing card decks and books

A Gift: I had an impulse to share that I really support what The Path is  doing.  It is a gift to humanity for sure, and you are so good at it.  From the depths of the love of my being I send you blessings and prosperity.

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