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What If?  – Opening the Quantum Field of Possibility Deck

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Divine Incarnation Deck & Book

Divine Incarnation Book sold separately on Amazon – Click here.

Divine Incarnation is the lifetime wherein souls acknowledge and heal their blocks to self-love.  When these blocks are healed, the pain body releases, and the gates to Heaven on Earth are opened, beckoning us to walk in. Each card ends with an “I Am” statement. Owning “I Am” confirms that: I am all there is, I am love, I am whole, I am you, I am god, and I have the power to create a magnificent reality. The book contains the same messages as the cards.  Additionally it contains exercises to open your divine communion.

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Embraced by Your Angels Card Deck
Meditate with Your Angels sold separately on amazon – Click Here

This beautiful deck was channeled in from the Biblical angels.  Message from your angels accompanying this deck: How brave you are to release all of your hidden pain so that you can live as beings of unconditional love and light leading to health, wealth, fulfillment and happiness.  We are with you on this journey so do not fear. Because of our presence, the exploration will immediately alleviate all pain uncovered in this process, and will not add to your pain in any way.  Many of you will find self-discovery to be intriguing and fun.
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Divine Consciousness Deck

These cards facilitate the complete opening to our divine source so that our desire for expansiveness overrides our unconscious desire to hold back our enlightenment. The result is expansive creation aligned with our heart and soul.


Path to Heal Card Decks

There are five separate decks of 44 cards each.  Each card has a symbol and an affirmation that contains a transformative energy that has the power to eliminate struggle and lead us to our limitless pure potential.


Deck 1:  The Deck of Infinite Blessings and Grace.  The symbols in this deck energize our enlightened path and the manifestation of our heart’s desires.


Deck 2:  The Deck of Impassioned Peace.  The symbols in this deck energize our path to peace, both internally and for the planet.


Deck 3:
  The Deck of Enlightened Ease – These symbols help us make an important choice: to choose at this very moment to release all pain and dysfunction and allow our heartfelt desires to easily manifest. This is the definition of enlightened healing. It is both the hardest and easiest thing to do. We have not made this choice in the past because we dampen ourselves out of a fear of criticism. These symbols raise our vibration to unconditional love so that it becomes natural to make this choice and then experience our new life of easy happiness.

Deck 4 – The Deck of Abundant Flow

These cards help us make an important choice: to experience love with each encounter. As we do, abundance flows into our heart and into our lives. These symbols raise our vibration to unconditional love so that it becomes natural to make this choice and then experience that abundance abounds.


Deck 5 – The Deck of Absolute, Unconditional Love
 These symbols’ magical vibration help us make the inevitable choice: to open our heart to love with each encounter. As we do, our path manifests as a creative abundant flow wherein we experience only love. There is no pain, there is no fear, and our lives are bliss.

Deck 6: The Deck of Magical Self Esteem
The symbols in this deck magically energizes self-love and acceptance leading to self-esteem and the courage to be unstoppable.

Doggie Love Tarot

This tarot deck brings us into the energy of unconditional love, because that is the energy of our dogs. Aligning to dog energy helps us be free of judgment and therefore free of pain and totally present to our lives. Our natural power is blocked due to a fear of being judged and the shame that follows. Dogs are not self-conscious and are never judgmental. Therefore, aligning with dog energy will help us naturally release self-consciousness, discover our power and thrive. We then experience life on its most authentic level, as dogs do, living a life of playfulness, friendship, laughter, kindness, simplicity, and comfort when using our powerful gifts.

 Doggie Love Tarot Cards and Guide Book

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 Doggie Love Tarot Cards Only

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 Mystical Kitten Tarot 

Mystical Kitten Tarot helps us break through the illusion of pain.  Cats are otherworldly mystical beings. The multi-dimensionality of the cat’s soul and the wisdom they energetically project helps us release the propensity to struggle.  Our cuddly companions help us regroup after moments of pain, allowing for compassionate healing.  In these moments, if we  allow cat energy to transport us into loving dimensions, we discover self-compassion and release pain.  Then we become as mystical as our cats.

This deck is the healer’s deck because cat energy helps us  read into our clients’ souls and share the truths that they are seeking.  When uncovering these truths, this deck also provide the energetic medicine needed to gain the courage to release coping mechanisms that seemed imperative for survival but are now simply creating restriction and pain.  Once released, our clients discover their gifts, talents and love.

Mystical Kitten Tarot & Guide Book

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Mystical Kitten Tarot Cards Only

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