Testimonial from Rhonda Thropp, the Path to Heal Practitioner, June, 2020:  The year of classes were fun and I thank you Rebecca for sharing your beautiful gift of healing,  which has been healing me and my family also.  I’m so grateful and  thankful to have met you and having the experience of “THE PATH” to heal over 25 years of  my debilitating migraines along with healing the effects(lots of suffering with struggles) from traumas and dramas in my life.  The joy I felt with this healing practice and the love I found in my being, I knew I probably was not the only person suffering similar issues, with that I felt compelled to become a Path to Heal Practitioner to assist the needs of my family, friends and humanity (whomever chooses to release struggles and heal, and feel joy).  I feel blessed, happy, healthy, and free of pain as I assist others on their healing journey.

Thank you Rebecca for your healing sessions and teachings of “The Path to Heal”.  You are a fabulous healer and teacher, we and the world is so lucky to have you!  In the short time that I’ve been a Path Practitioner, all my clients have experienced great results.  I recommend anybody who is interested in making changes in there life to be easy to schedule a session.   And, anyone who wants to assist others in some type of healing practice to seek you, Rebecca Cohen. This is a ” Tool” for a life time!Infinite Love and Gratitude!

The Path to Heal Practitioner Training

Studying The Path to Heal is a mystical, magical and very healing experience.  It’s a commitment to yourself, your clients and the planet as you work with the energy of love to raise the vibration for all.  And when your soul is ready, you will be called in a very deep way.  Let the adventure being!

The Path to Heal is a healing system that illuminates the genesis of physical and emotional conditions, then restores the body, mind and spirit to wellness.  Path to Prosperity, a subsystem of The Path to Heal, removes blocks to abundance in our personal and professional lives.  The Divine Feminine, also a subsystem of The Path to Heal, helps us fully embrace our feminine aspects, then merge with God.  The outcome of receiving Path sessions is a blissful, abundant and struggle-free life.

Becoming a certified practitioner is a multiple-phase program which takes place over one year’s time.

Phase I:  Path Genesis Training, a 90 minute class one evening per week for four months.  Genesis is a “starter” course that will teach you how to perform 10 dimensions of The Path.  The course will cost $1100 class time + $650 materials = $1650.   I will get agreement on the best day of the week for those that are interested. Path Basic Training  provides you with the tools that you need to start the journey and to work significantly with clients and with each other (even if you never take another Path class). Weekly exchanges with fellow students will also provide a significant level of healing. This class is currently being scheduled so if you are interested please email info@thepathtoheal.com ASAP.

Future Phases:  There will be approximately 1 year of instruction total required to become a Path practitioner.  There are books, card decks, tuning forks, crystals and essential oils that will also need to be purchased to become a practitioner.  Generally it costs $6000  including materials to become a practitioner based on how many of the materials (tuning forks, crystals, essential oils) you already have.

Instruction includes:

  1. The Path dimensions and Path to Prosperity and Divine Feminine Protocols
  2. Animal Healing
  3. Family, Community and Organizational Healing
  4. Applied Kinesiology (or muscle testing)
  5. Specific vibrational healing techniques using crystals, tuning forks and natural essences
  6. Through muscle testing Path protocols, clients’ psycho-spiritual issues are surfaced and healed.  Students will learn the skills needed to discuss these issues with clients.
  7. Exchanges of Path healing sessions with other students and documented client/family sessions are required to become a practitioner.

Attending the one-day Mystical Manifestation, Transcendence and Genesis Training is a prerequisite to becoming a Path practitioner.

Applications are being received for classes starting in the next few months.  Dates are TBD.  Courses will be held via webinar in West Chester, Pennsylvania.  

Instructor:  Rebecca Cohen – founder of The Path to Heal

Application Process:  contact Rebecca Cohen:  info@thepathtoheal.com

Costs: Includes manual, books, crystals, tuning forks and natural essences.

Course of Study – Click here to download the PDF


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