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The Gentle Force

The Gentle Force contains inspirational verses and healing symbols giving you the courage to make authentic change. Authentic change is the path to joy.

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Meditate with your angels book

Meditate With Your Angels

Meditate With Your Angels contains the same angelic messengers as the Embraced by Your Angels Card Deck . However both the book and deck can also be used as stand-alone products. Each angel shared with me how best to connect with them to receive directed help through a specific meditation or exercise. These exercises help us release pain points (physical pain, fear, shame, guilt) through connecting to the love that is always there.  It can be difficult to release our pain and shame without the presence of absolute divine love, and that’s why we call them in. Through these meditations, we release our pain, immediately feeling lighter and brighter. It then becomes easy for us to define our empowered path, creating joy and fulfillment for all.

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Sound Medicine, Planetary Sound Healing for the New Age

Sound Medicine, Planetary Sound Healing for the New Age is a guide to using tuning fork vibration to tune our body, mind and spirit to our divine vibration. In divine vibration we are healthy, happy, loving and following our path. The tuner’s vibration is very precise; therefore this method of healing can be easily learned and shared. Each type of tuner included within activates the divine healing of different energy centers in the mind, body, spirit and aura. The focus on planetary tuners, tunes us to the universe so that the universe naturally provides us with our true desires.

Crystal Medicine For The New Age

Crystal Medicine uses the spectacular vibration of crystal energy to transmute unhealthy crystalized body and mind formations to the body’s natural state of perfect health and unconditional love. This book facilitates using the energy of crystals to help us choose a life that is fully supportive of ourselves, our loved ones and humanity.

Food Love Medicine

Food Love Medicine promotes using the spiritual properties of food to enrich our lives. Natural foods contain all the goodness we need to heal the mind, body, spirit and soul. Natural foods and are imbued with such spiritual goodness, as defined within, that they are healing to the spirit. Once the spirit is healed, then the mind and body can resume their natural healing processes, thereby returning us to our natural healthy state.

Plant Medicine

Plant Medicine distills the information on specific essential oils to their most essential potential healing benefits on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. Plant Medicine is a simple, integrated approach, delivering focused information on how to provide healing for the mind, body and spirit.

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Soul Crystal Formations

Soul Crystal Formations transmute formations of pain into formations of pleasure. These geometric formations are created by using specific crystals to heal the depressed spirit by shifting our pain to love. Formations usually require approximately 10 small pieces of the same crystal type. These formations call in the loving energy of Mother Mary, the Goddess ISIS and all divine feminine energy to create miracle shifts.  Each formation has been designed to help us heal specific conditions or issues. Once a formation is built, the formation’s dynamic energy will open healing channels in communities, professions (such as medicine), governing bodies etc. to help the world heal while we are healing. These formations unlock our knowledge of, and give us the courage to live our personal loving truth, which is the key to mystical healing for ourselves and the world.

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Divine Consciousness

A series of chakra opening exercises connecting us to our divine power and miraculously enlightening the mind, body, spirit and soul.

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Discovering Enlightenment in the Age of Donald Trump

Since the inauguration of President Trump (3 weeks ago), I stopped living my peaceful life. Instead I became a news junkie, endlessly discussing politics, triggered each day by new White House Executive Orders. I found myself fearing that the Trump presidency was taking our country to a very dark place.

From this place of fear, I decided to take a journey with the angels.  My friends and I, all with differing points of view, asked questions to the angels.

As I channeled answers to these questions and many more from our archangels, I quickly discovered that angels don’t join political parties.  Their answers helped me understand that  acting with love, not hate, regardless of how painful and scary the triggers may be, is the path to peace and enlightenment.  When we respond to fear and hate with loving action, fear and hate will cease because fear and love cannot exist in the same vibration.

The angels also provided exercises to help us understand that our fears about the country are a reflection of our internal state of being.  By examining how we are triggered by our world, we heal ourselves, and then the world is healed.
Enlightenment is love within chaos.

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Seasons Of Love

Seasons Of Love contains transcendent essential oil formulas healing aspects of our soul that are manifesting dysfunction. The diffused oils interact with our brain chemistry to help us remember and love our true selves. We then gain full awareness that our purpose is to discover passionate happiness in all areas of life. Seasons of Love is presented in five parts, with prescriptions for diffusing specific combinations of essential oils. The healing received from these sacred formulas, is not biological, it is a vibrational alignment with our divinity. Through this healing, our bodies will heal, but in a mystical way, and the result is that our bodies won’t deteriorate through aging and biologic processes. In our divine state, dis-ease is not possible, so all pain and discomfort transmutes to love. Archangel Uriel, who is responsible for humanity’s shift into ease, is present during all of the Seasons of Love diffusions. His energy opens us to completely accepting the diffusion’s spectacular healing power so that we release our stubborn struggle with ease. We then embrace our joyous easy life. Being human is now an easy, abundant and an infinitely beautiful existence.

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We Are The Shift

We all have stubborn issues. Mine is the week-long headache that arrives when I’m blocking a higher level of knowing myself. I began this book in an attempt to gain quicker understanding so that I could expedite the release of these headaches. My clients and I asked questions about our stubborn issues, then I opened my channel to receive answers.
Loving angelic energies, often Archangel Uriel, answered my questions. I came to understand that Archangel Uriel is responsible for humanity’s shift. This shift, defined by Uriel, is the vibrational change that we are welcoming, in which:
• We live in harmony with our neighbors
• We fully embrace our gifts
• We stop apologizing for the fulfilling and satisfying choices that we have made
• We own that we can manifest an abundance of health, wealth and happiness
• We gain a deep understanding that we are living on an abundant
planet that we must fully care for. Any lack of abundance is created by humans and this scarcity can instantly be rectified when
we own our power to create.

Enjoy these beautiful messages and the prescriptions for essential oils that will expedite the shift. Just by reading them, fear and struggle release and we open to the peaceful loving energy that is humanity and our planet



I Have No Fear, There Is No Pain

The body has the ability to heal completely. Areas of physical or psychological dysfunction, referred to within as dis-ease, are unconsciously held in order to help defend against unwanted emotions or circumstances. We have discovered through writing this book that on a very deep level we often hold onto dis-ease because we are altruistic beings and have the belief that our dis-ease is somehow helping another. This book is categorized by area of dis-ease. Each section contains vignettes giving examples of how the dis-ease may be “helpful.” Each section also contains a Prescription for Joy, including an essential oil to apply and an affirmation to say. The prescription raises our vibration to unconditional love and in unconditional love, we hold no dysfunction and the dis-ease can be healed.

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My Path to Joy

With this book, you will discover and remove your blocks to joy. Through these protocols, you will be led through a process similar to what a The Path to Heal practitioner would do, but you can do it yourself. As you proceed through these protocols, you will release the shame and guilt that is obstructing your ability to choose happiness. Trust what you discover. Trust your guidance. Trust the process. And at the end of it, your health conditions and unwanted circumstances will naturally release, as you actualize your true self, embracing what makes you happy.

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Angelic Blessings

We, your archangels, bring our book of Blessings (remedies) to you so that you can find peace and health. These Blessings raise your vibration to unconditional love and light. It is our light that has formulized these Blessings to open your heart and mind to transformational healing. These Blessings will work in conjunction with any other healing that you are doing but are specifically formulated to work with The Path to HealThe Path to Heal helps you release your psycho-spiritual blocks to healing. Then, these Blessings quickly raise your vibration back to its natural state of unconditional love. In this natural state dis-ease and dysfunction cannot exist.100% pure plant essences are used as the healing tool as plant DNA has evolved in conjunction with human DNA to heal any and all illness. When you are no longer blocked to the healing, the plant essence will work its magic.

All the information and Angelic Blessings contained within were channeled in by Rebecca Cohen, founder of The Path to Heal, from your archangels.
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Angelic Blessings Label Template with necessary symbols (WordDoc)

Only Love is Real

One of the first concepts that I heard when I was introduced to New Age Philosophy was “only love is real.” I considered that concept, I knew in my heart that it was valid, but I didn’t understand it. Did it mean that all the pain and anger that we experienced wasn’t real. How could it not be real? We were experiencing it. Isn’t the definition of reality anything that we are currently experiencing? Yes, that is one definition. But another definition of “real” is that it is “true.” And “pain” and “anger” are not true. In our truest form we are beings of unconditional love, fully connected to our hearts. It is only the wear and tear of life that connects us to any other reality that is not based in love. So the verses contained within are connected to the images of The Path to Heal and provide insight while raising our vibration to our true form, that of love. When we exist in the vibration of love, all pain and negativity resolves. It is then simple to understand the concept “only love is real” because that is all we experience.

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What is My Dog Teaching Me About Me? — Dog Training the Easy Way

Much to my surprise, when we brought our new puppy Mickey home, our peaceful house became a madhouse. Our first dog, Archie, was fighting with Mickey, Mickey was eating everything in sight, and Mickey continually growled at my children each time they came down the stairs. My dogs were triggering me, my anxiety escalated, and the dogs became unmanageable. I realized that the problem was not my dogs’, it was mine. This book decodes what specific dog behaviors mirror in us. With this understanding, our fears are no longer triggered. When we are not reactive, we embody leadership and dog training happens naturally.

I am so grateful that Mickey and Archie taught me how to release my deepest fears and become their leader. By utilizing this book, your dogs will also teach you the source of your fears and help you heal. As a bonus, your household will be peaceful and your animals a joy.

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Divine Grids

Divine Grids, a Celebration of Crystal Healing, is a very powerful healing tool designed to help us overcome lifetime struggles. Divine Grids are a series of 80 full color artistic crystal grids with instructions to place specific crystals in a predetermined fashion on the diagrams. Each grid has symbolic art, a sacred geometric pattern, color, a crystal structure and a healing intention. It is the energetic connection between the crystals that creates the gridlines. Divine Grids create inner harmony.

Through this book, we understand the psycho-spiritual root of the illnesses and struggle that we carry. Divine Grids then ground our vibrational field to unconditional love so that we honor our Divine self and release the struggle.

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Mystical Manifestation

In these pages you will find a transformative list.  This list contains many of the physical, psychological and circumstantial ailments that may be troubling you and the spiritual opening  associated with each ailment that can avert or reverse these difficult circumstances.Additionally, this book contains step-by-step instructions to performing Divine Magic, a manifestation tool that can accelerate this spiritual opening, resulting in a return to good health and the realization of your dreams.The outcome of following the Mystical Manifestation protocol is a peaceful, pain-free and fulfilled life… in other words, a life without struggle.


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Divine Magic Demonstration:

Learn to Dowse (Muscle Testing and using a Pendulum)


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