Presenting The Path to Heal

The very first aspect of The Path to Heal that I developed was the section on Transcending Fear through three concepts:

1)      I am enthusiastically myself at all times;

2)      I trust all good things will come to me;

3)      I unconditionally give and receive love.

It is through trying to live these three concepts that I have learned so much and have been able to develop The Path to Heal which I am so excited to bring to the world.  Although sometimes difficult, I have tried daily to be enthusiastically myself by following the inner guidance that I know to be true for me.  Following this guidance has forced me to transcend fear going outside the box even for an alternative medicine practitioner.  Following this guidance has also led me to the place that I am at today, sharing my website with all of you and teaching Path classes to amazing individuals that have taught me so much.  And so I can truly say that when I am enthusiastically myself all good things come to me.  And when all good things come, it is easy to give and receive love.

One of the best things that has come to me is the amazing graphic designer Kelly Greene,  Kelly worked for months and months developing all the beautiful materials that are required to perform Path sessions.  Without Kelly there would be no Path.

So as I close my first blog post, I am truly looking forward to seeing all the new things we will all bring to the world as we follow our paths and are enthusiastically ourselves at all times.

To a life without struggle!


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