Genetic Predispositions

I have been lucky enough to have received some insight as to why we have genetic predispositions to certain conditions. And although “it’s all in the genes” I believe that the genesis of these conditions has very little to do with the physical and much more to do with the spiritual. When we inherit a condition, The Path to Heal allows us to trace back the condition to the ancestretral root. Using muscle testing, we are able to figure out this ancestor’s story, specifically what caused the ancestor to dampen his or her spirit. For example, in my own family, my grandmother’s celebration of music was dampened as her father always told her to stop practicing the piano (which she loved) because he needed her to work in their store instead. The only way to survive in her family was to repress her desire to celebrate music and therefore she repressed a piece of self–which can create a physical condition. In order to keep one’s progeny safe, this suppression and associated condition can be passed down. By tracing back the supression in a Path session and then sending love to the generations of dampeneded spirits, the genetic predisposition can be corrected. Path sessions focused on genetic predispositions both heal the physical and open us and others in the genetic line to the celebration of all aspects of life.

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