To Fear or Not to Fear our Environment

As a part of introducing The Path to Heal to the healing community I have attended many networking events for alternative healthcare practitioners.  The meetings are very interesting as everyone present has discovered their own path to health, something that has truly worked for each one of them, and they each have passion for sharing their path with others. I certainly fit in to that category and it is so wonderful to learn about the numerous paths that lead to good health.

 The only discomfort I have with these events are those practitioners who promote fear.  The fear can be of large food groups, of all things having to do with traditional medicine, of electromagnetic fields, etc.  And although The Path promotes healthy living and eating, I do not believe that a fear based approach to living will promote health in the long run.  The Path promotes full engagement with life by uncovering blocks to self love and healing these blocks leading as a means of returning to health.  Being fearful of full engagement with one’s natural environment will lead to a fear based approach to living which does not resonate with self love.  Therefore a much better solution, I believe, is to strengthen individuals through healing modalities such as The Path to Heal (and other modalities that build up the immune system) so that we are no longer sensitive to environmental influences.  The added benefit of healing t by strengthening the immune response and increasing self love is that the individual will also naturally be attracted to, and create for others, a healthy environment and diet.

I do realize that eliminating certain environmental and dietary sensitivies is necessary for some individuals to maintain health and would never recommend that they do not do so. But for the vast majority of us, strengthening the immune system to limit the impact of negative environmental influences will allow us to live fully engaged and healthy lives.

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