The Realization of Desires

“Do you know what you want?  Do you know that you are the creator of your own experience?  Are you enjoying the evolution of your desire?  Do you feel the freshness of a new desire pulsing within you?”  asks Abraham, the spiritual guide that channels through Esther Hicks.  The answer that most people would give is that they are not fully enjoying the realization of their desires. Instead life can be full of struggle.  Abraham goes on to explain that we all have personal preferences, and our role on this planet is to manifest those preferences and the Law of Attraction guarantees that our preferences will manifest.[1]

 The purpose of The Path to Healis to identify the reason that each of us is not fully manifesting our desires. The breakdown arises because our subconscious need to block the realization of our preferences can be louder than our conscious desires.  These subconscious blocks can come at any point in the manifestation process, which The Path breaks in to three parts:

1)    Awareness of Preferences – while in our natural state we all are in tune with our preferences, we can condition ourselves not to recognize them because the recognition could cause us pain

2)    The Journey – once we know our desires, it is often necessary to journey (make life changes) to achieve our desired end.  This journey may disrupt lives.  Fear builds due to the belief that disruption can lead to instability which may hurt others, which leads to guilt.  If those fears outweigh our desires, we often chose to not take the journey.

3)    Manifestation – we can be aware of our preferences, have taken the journey, still the realization of our dreams will force us to express our true selves. The power emanating from our true selves can be threatening to others so we can choose, either consciously or subconsciously, to stop the manifestation of our desires.

 In my own life, I was stuck in all three phases prior to being able to manifest my vocation: the developer, instructor and practitioner of a healing modality, The Path to Heal.  Ten years ago, I was working as a banker and never conceived of wanting to be a healer.  I had a good salary, was safe and secure, and although my job was not fulfilling, it suited what I believed were my needs.  My awareness of my preferences only came when I got bit by a tick and became very sick with Lyme Disease. I needed to find alternative means to heal my illness as the antibiotics did not work. I became aware of my preferences because I fully enjoyed being a patient of energy medicine. As my awareness grew, I was partially willing to make the journey to manifest my vocation by studying BodyTalk. However I was not willing to leave my banking job so that I could start a healing practice because I was scared of being financially strapped.  Eventually, the universe took care of that and the bank laid me off. Then, even as I had the opportunity to work full time as a practitioner, I was not financially stable because attracting clients would have meant me fully owning my creativity and power. Subconsciously I was not ready to do that.

Through The Path to Heal sessions, I was able to release all of my blocks and manifest a thriving healing practice.  I offer The Path to Heal to others so that the journey to manifest happiness comes with ease.

[1] Hicks, Esther and Jerry, Ask and It Is Given, Learning to Manifest Your Desires, p. 17.

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