Our new dog Archie or “Our Qi”

One week ago today, my family adopted Archie, a 13 month old black lab.  Archie was raised to be a service dog but his fear of loud noises and the unrecognizable caused him to be dropped from the program.  So we received the gift of a beautiful black lab who is very well behaved, often mellow, but often agitated as well.  I have fallen in love with this amazing puppy.  I knew from the first moment that we met that he was going to teach us something wonderful.

At first we were going to change Archie’s name but one of his trainers let us know that Archie liked his name and that we shouldn’t change it.  And then it dawned on us that he had a very special name…Our Qi…and that his remarkable energy would change us all.

From the time the 4th Dimension of The Path to Heal was developed, I realized that animals know their connection to All There Is and always desire to receive the healing energy that will bring them closer to God. The only reason that they hold on to dysfunction is because their “person” has a subconscious need for that dysfunction.  For example, a woman named Kathy can’t relax because if she did, she wouldn’t be able to stop herself from letting her husband know that she no longer loves him and the pain that that would cause feels unbearable.  So she subconsciously creates obstacles to relaxation.  Her cat helps with her subconscious need to not relax by developing a kidney infection that results in a weak bladder and pain, requiring constant attention.  In this way, animals are constantly helping us not face what we perceive might cause us emotional pain us by creating the distraction that we are unconsciously asking for.

Utilizing both the 4th Dimension, and the Path to Prosperity client/animal healing, the client feels safe to feel what he or she feels, and as a result the animals’ issues heal as well.  This new section of the Path to Prosperity was developed since Archie’s arrival. Therefore I cannot fail to mention that animals do not only take on dysfunction for us, their constant desire to heal will also facilitate our healing.  Once the animal releases their issues, what remains is unconditional love. Unconditional love is almost impossible to feel from another human, but by feeling it from an animal, our healing is accelerated as we feel safe to drop pretence and be enthusiastically ourselves.  This section fits in to the Path to Prosperity because once we are enthusiastically ourselves, all good things come to us.

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