The Beauty of Creating our own Reality

We create our own reality.  This statement is the premise of The Path to Heal.  It can be hard to explain this statement to my clients who have been fighting with every ounce of their being to overcome illness and other hardships.  They may feel judged by this statement, thinking that I believe that they have done something wrong or that they don’t truly want health and prosperity.  But because I am so very human and have at times created a reality which was so far from perfect, I have only empathy for my friends, family and clients that are struggling with their life circumstances.

 The empowerment statement read at the beginning of a Path session is:  I create my own happiness including good health, loving relationships, life affirming work and financial freedom.  I have lived through significant blocks in each of these areas.  I was sick with Lyme Disease for years.  I went through a painful divorce.  I worked in credit card marketing for 20 years which I was good at but it certainly wasn’t life affirming.  And once I got laid off from my lucrative job, financial freedom seemed to be a thing of the past.  With all my heart I wanted to create my own happiness but couldn’t figure out how to so.  So if I wanted it in my heart, what was my mind doing to block all of this happiness?  The mind is a very creative tool, creating doubt and fear, blocking the desires of my heart.

 Receiving and developing The Path to Heal helped me understand what was going on.  We all create obstacles.  It’s not conscious, but we do it.  And we do it for the simple reason that being in our power, which we can only be in if we’re not constantly trying to overcome obstacles, can be very scary to us.  Path sessions get to the root of that fear and clear it.  For example, I worked with a woman who as a young child always got A’s and her brother always got C’s.  Whenever she brought her report card home, it created fear inside of her as her brother would be shamed by association.  It became easier for her to become a B student in life and give up the A’s.  The Path helps us embrace our power by releasing fearful associations related to our power.  During a session, our mind is resonated to our heart which is tuned to our divinity and our soul. 

 The beauty of creating our own reality is that once we remove the fear based subconscious need to create obstacles, we return to our natural state, follow our hearts and live our bliss.

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