Message from ISIS

The Path to Heal and its 25 healing protocols were developed by me based on muscle testing then refining protocols until the healing delivered was fully helping clients release their physical symptoms and negative circumstances.  The Path was also channelled into me from ISIS.  ISIS is an Egyptian Goddess. She also represents the Divine Feminine Archetype. Additionally her hame “Is Is.” Therefore the information received is also from All There Is.  Path Practitioner Ellen Carey is able to channel individualized messages from ISIS.  These messages are always beautiful, direct us on our healing path and help clarify our gifts.

 I asked Ellen to channel a message from ISIS for this month’s newsletter.  The tone of the message was different then I expected and different than previous messages received. This message is much stronger and asks us to take responsibility for what we manifest through our thoughts. Before developing The Path, this message would have bothered me as I truly did not believe that we have control over our thoughts. I now understand that with the help of The Path to Heal we can heal negative thought patterns and fully create a beautiful reality for us and our planet.

ISIS’s Message:

Arise nation and stand in your power of creation.  For too long you have denied your gifts and turned away from your responsibilities.  I speak to you of the manifestations of the mind. You are unsure of their origins, dear ones they start with you.  It is more comfortable for you not to speak in optimism but instead to share your woes.  The spark of your thought is the spark of all creation.  Lift your thoughts to greatness, breathe in positive beliefs, exhale love.  It is not hard, it is the design of your divine essence.

You hide away your talents, willing to let others create your outcome, feeling you have no part in the reality that is yours and yours alone.  All you see is interpreted through your mind, your thoughts then as crystal vibrational light, take form in the world.  This is the greatest gift and a responsibility that you must sincerely embrace.

Global warming is showing itself in the melting of the ice caps, the warming of the seas, and the increased power infusing your weather.  Nations arm themselves with more dangerous weapons, reflecting fear to their neighbors.  Fear that builds and touches our hearts. Children and animals are neglected and abused, poverty is common and still the individual believes that they have not contributed and are powerless to make change.

I say no to these beliefs.  You are all powerful and all power starts in your mind.  

Be the ruler of your thoughts, guard them well, feed them with hope, fuel them with optimism.  Bring them to the world with passion and confidence.  Share them readily, share positivity, share joy, share compassion. Speak out and believe in the change that will come. Laugh more, love more, reach out to those in need. Help the person next to you, and the one on the other side of the world.  Give and trust and know that the power of your thought is magnified and shared with those who have ascended.  Each positive spark, unites with other sparks, until the crystal clear image of your mind becomes your reality.  Have no doubt, raise your thoughts as you would your most beloved child.  You are children of starlight, and must embody your spirit and never give up.  I support you on your journey. Call on me for direction as you become the healing, the light, and the way.  

Blessings of Triumph, ISIS

To received a personalized message from ISIS, please contact Ellen Carey at  


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