What is Multi-Dimensional Healing

While performing a Path session on my sister Sara last week, we got stopped mid session as often happens when I’m being asked to bring something new in.  Getting stopped means that I muscle test the Path’s protocol and get all no’s, meaning that there is nothing that I can do within The Patheven though I had just opened the session.  At that point I asked my guides what information they were trying to share with me while muscle testing for answers.  It turns out that in this case I was asked to change the name of my new manual originally titled “Student Manual for the Stand-Alone Dimensions.”  Instead, I was being asked to call it “Inter-Dimensional Celebration of Healing”, which made Sara and I laugh because it is obviously a much more exciting title.  It also made me try to answer the question: what is multi-dimensional healing?

In a Path session, guided by muscle testing we enter into one of 27 dimensions, each containing a separate healing protocol.  The first 13 dimensions are titled Dimensions 0-12 and align with our chakras.  After that no number is given to the Dimensions. When we enter dimensions using specific Path symbols and techniques, we invite the energies of that plane into our sacred space in this dimension to guide our healing.  These energies are vibrations that provide both insight and healing, always aligned to our highest good.  The Path practitioner is the conduit for this other-dimensional vibration.  It doesn’t feel other worldly, rather it feels very grounded and on-point.  But because it is other-dimensional, knowledge of our soul’s journey and the healing that our souls need to actualize (become enthusiastically one-self) is readily accessible.  The outcome is spectacular healing only available through the magic ofThe Path.

Because The Path to Heal was given to me, a very practical person, it comes in a form that is easily teachable to others.  Therefore I am pleased to so many different ways to experience and learn The Path on this website.

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