The Path and the Soul’s Journey

I was asked by my students why an easy, abundant life was manifesting quickly for some but not for all.  I asked this question to ISIS and the answer was channeled in through Ellen Carey, Path practitioner and ISIS oracle.  The response was so powerful and explains the purpose of The Path itself.  I share this with all of you to deepen your understanding of The Path and to provide insight into the remarkable relationship between The Path and the soul’s journey.  The message to me is also a message to all of you.  (The Path to Heal was created by me guided by the loving energy of ISIS.  ISIS is an Egyptian Goddess, but the name also means “is-is” and therefore the information comes from All That Is.)

Dearest Rebecca,

I sympathize with the frustration that has occurred over the perceived lack of timeliness of the promises of The Path.  We must look together at the purpose of The Path being given to the world at this time and the delicate balance that must be protected. When souls choose to embody a being on the earth, they also choose conditions of the incarnation that are designed to help them grow in their soul’s journey to enlightenment. When a person experiences the desire for union through love, they are acting on a soul’s desire to recognize their own union with the Divine.  When they enter a body, an amnesia of sorts creates a perception of separation from the Divine.

Our parents then fill the role of divine love and later we may choose a mate to take on that role.  When love is something that becomes unfulfilled we can feel more desperate, even obsessive in having our desires filled.  The real need here is to connect with absolute self-love, for no lover can replace our connection to our Divine Creator.  If we have chosen to create a block in our love lives, this condition is placed to help us strengthen skills for our souls’ journey.

When the soul returns to the spirit life, a review is made, and lessons are drawn from the experiences and choices made while on earth.  These lessons were the reason for the incarnation experience.  That being said The Path offers the opportunity to face these life lessons while still on earth.  The soul will learn and grow without having to revisit these experiences in the after life.  This frees the soul to learn and study with guides other concepts, like creation of life itself.  We are all aspects of the creator experiencing and evolving in itself.

The gift of The Path enables for the continued rapid evolution of the soul.  This is complicated by the levels of expertise a soul may or may not have reached.  Healing of a soul who has experienced multiple lives would be quicker than for a new soul.  Karma, genetics, and the multiple dimensions themselves add layers of energy to an already intricate system.

When a person is progressing through The Path, they are not opening blocks so they may receive a heart’s desire.  They are opening up their consciousness to reuniting with the Creator, to receiving unconditional love from the Divine.  Through this acceptance of self they may manifest their desires easily.  The manifestation is not the issue, it is the total opening to Divine Love.

The soul’s contract in part is to work through the Karma, lessons and experience the ups and downs of life on Earth.  So while life should be struggle free, the traditional means of experience is not.  The Path promises to free us from this struggle, by making it easier for awakening, for conscious enlightenment to take hold.  Still some souls will struggle to embrace this energy.

Those that connect more easily may still be surprised at the end results. When met with the unconditional love of the Divine, the object of their affection may no longer hold sway.  What they are coming into is contentment in themselves.  With patience even those who do not readily connect with The Path will find it helpful.  Their guides will lead them to you and to the work.

We are taking a process that has taken lifetimes for some souls to master, and given you the tools to expedite the process while on Earth.  For some a spontaneous transformation will occur, for others the process will be a gradual feeling of coming to their senses, being comfortable in their bodies, secure in their emotions, sure of themselves.  This can take years for some, while others will have a dramatic transformation.

Try not to become overly concerned with the length of the process.  For your own experience there will be rapid growth and change, followed by the easy manifestation of your desires and the security of knowing yourself and your worth.  To help the process of receiving, walk as if it has happened.  Be in your moments, embrace your gifts, proudly share your talents, do not hold back for fear or doubt.

This has all unfolded as it should, and we are fostering a new way of soul ascension.  Fear not dear one, you know the way, embrace your own knowing, for Divine connection is bringing you home. 

Blessings of Deliverance,


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