My Magical Year

If you asked me last December what 2014 would be like, I would not have said, I will write three books and produce three card decks, each with exceptional self-healing qualities.  None of the projects, except the fleeting thought that I had a card deck in me, was in my consciousness one year ago.  I knew that I wanted to grow The Path and reach more people with its loving energy, but how I would accomplish this was a mystery.  And then on a magical day in February, in which we had an ice storm and the power went out, I received the insight that helped restore power, both figuratively and literally and the book Mystical Manifestation was born. In April, while talking to The Path’s graphic artist Kelly Greene, Kelly said to  me “it’s time to create your cards”, and we found a website where we could upload the images and print a beautiful deck, and the first deck formed.  During my summer sojourn to Israel, arriving in a time of peace, leaving in a time of war, I was guided to create a second card deck, one which would infuse us with peace.  In late August, I was eating dinner overlooking the ocean and out of nowhere I thought I should create a book of crystal grids, each grid targeting the healing a specific illness — thus Divine Grids, Celebration of Crystal Healing was born.  I adopted a new puppy Mickey two months ago, whom, much to our surprise, came complete with challenging issues and from this experience, the soon to be published, What is My Dog Teaching Me about Me came to be. And as I write this, my third card deck is forming, a deck that brings us inspired ease.

Each of these projects was created with inspired ease.  And for the most part, each was not in my consciousness prior to the day I started developing it.  This realization of how phenomenal my year has been allowed me to look back and think about how it happened.  I used the Path’s tools, such as Mystical Manifestation, to remove blocks and bring in the energy of creation flowing with the manifestation process.  There were days that I was completely focused on solving the mystery of how we heal and how to incorporate these concepts into self-help tools for all to benefit from.  These days never felt difficult instead they were magical fun.

So for 2015, rather than creating New Years resolutions, I encourage you to ask the universe to help you flow with your creative self, manifesting all that makes you happy in the New Year.  And if you want to enhance the energy of Manifestation, sign up for one of my classes in January (details on the training tab).

And the happiest New Year to all!
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