Clearing Energy the Easy Way

One of the best things about The Path to Heal is it’s primary message:  life is supposed to be fun and easy.  As I was receiving The Path, I continually received information as to how to do things more easily.  The one that I find most interesting and enjoy sharing is how to clear oneself for energy work, and how to clear space and crystals from all “negative energy.”  Because we create our own reality, when our own vibration is high enough, we will naturally only  allow loving energy into our aura.  But we are human and are not always in an enlightened state, so we can use tools to raise our vibration so that only loving energy comes in.

To clear spaces, we need a Genesis Tuning fork (531 Hz, purchased for less than $25 on-line). Strike the fork and with the fork then draw three figure 8’s over the space.  This action takes a few seconds and I do it before I see each client.  This action will also clear a space of any unwanted psychic energies as those energies are only there because for some subconscious reason we asked the energies in.   

To clear crystals, place all crystals in a pile. (Or envision a pile of all your crystals). Hold a kyanite crystal 6″ above the pile of crystals, then spiral the kyanite down to the pile and then spiral the kyanite back up to the starting point. Repeat this two more times for a total of three rounds.  The kyanite will also be cleared in the process.  These crystals will hold a positive charge and will never need to be cleared again!

We cannot clear crystals and spaces for others without their permission.  It is not necessary to use sage to clear your space or use other methods to clear crystals.  The methods described here are more effective.  Clearing is simple and it’s about raising our vibration, which in turn raises the vibration of our space.

Stay tuned for other tips on healing made easy.  And look out for The Path’s third card deck, The Deck of Enlightened Ease coming soon!

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