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Crystal Grids, Divine GridsI had been working with crystals as part of The Path to Heal for a few years.  I found that by creating specific crystal grids to support dimensions of The Path, healing continued for my clients for weeks after they left the session.  Then, a few months ago, while having dinner, I looked up and said to my friend, I should create a crystal grid for each major illness.  Each crystal grid would contain a specific set of crystals placed on sacred geometric art. Each crystal grid would also include a healing intention.  The vibration of the crystals combined with the art and the intention would raise our vibration to unconditional love so that healing would happen naturally.

Soon after that evening, my book, Divine Grids, Celebration of Crystal Healing, was quickly forming (both through channeled insight and muscle testing my clients to understand what they needed). I began to discover that an individual crystal grid contributed to the healing of more than one dis-ease (negative circumstance on our life that causes struggle) and that one dis-ease could show up on many crystal grids.  I began to see that these dis-eases were grouping themselves into something that I named Archetypes of Dysfunction.

Archetypes of Dysfunction represent previously unlinked “dis-eases.”  Every “dis-ease” within an archetype acts as a defense against the same type of wounding event.  For example, cancer and infestations are part of the same archetype.  Both stem from wounds experienced when following our hearts. As a result, an attachment is formed to fighting wars protecting us from heartbreak when we follow our heartfelt flow.  Healing of both is aided by the Peaceful Flow crystal grid.

Divine Grids opens our consciousness to the understanding that all dysfunction can be healed easily. Dysfunction exists to keep us safe from pain and rejection.  The energy of the crystal grids makes it safer to release the dysfunction and reclaim our power.  I began to see that these crystal grids were helping people heal from life-long patterns that up to now had been rigidly unmovable.

Divine Grids includes 80 pre-created crystal grids each with a specified crystal formation intended to heal specific dysfunction.  This one-of-a-kind book teaches us how to choose which crystal grids to build and how to effectively charge the grid.  The feedback that I’m getting is so strong and it’s very exciting to watch the growth of the use of these grids.

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