Why The Path to Heal and Sacred Essences (essential oils) are such great partners

Sacred Essences (essential oils) have long been a part of The Path to Heal.  However, in the last few months, as I have been writing a book called “I Have No Fear, There is No Pain” I have been guided to use Sacred Essences all the time.  And I’m finding the combination of The Path with sacred essences to be providing amazing healing. The book uses essences heavily and I asked for guidance to understand it more.  I received the following channelled message from ISIS as to why the combination is so powerful:

When the earth was forming, plants, tress and shrubs covered the planet.  Humans came later and these plants were their first friends, food supply and protectors.  Humans treated their cohabiters with great respect and they learned a lot about each other.  As the DNA of humans shifted to resonate with the changes of the earth, so did the DNA of plants shift to resonate with the DNA of humans.  And so they made this journey together.  Whatever humans needed to heal their wounds, their illnesses and their sorrows, plants served their humans by creating within themselves the cure.  This is still the case today, however with the modernization of the planet, including humankind’s distance from nature, the plants indigenous to our environments became harder for most of us to obtain.  Therefore, the essence of the plants are now harvested and bottled for human consumption. 

 Still remaining in these sacred plant essences is the cure for every human ailment.  What is required of humans though, in order for the essences to work, is the desire to heal.  The desire is blocked however for the reasons discussed in this book (coming soon) and all throughout The Path to Heal.  Once The Path identifies the blockage, the use and application of essences becomes the perfect remedy.  Because smell and memory are so closely related, the oils’ smell enters our brain  through receptors in our nose,  stimulating our memories of perfect health.  Because our desire to heal is no longer blocked, we willingly recode our DNA to our childhood and/or soul’s memory of health.  When we apply the sacred essence, our skin receptors accept the cure directly into our body and blood stream, raising our vibration to the perfection of function, releasing dysfunction.

doTERRA essences are a perfect match for the healing power of The Path to Heal because these oils are harvested and distilled in their indigenous environments, rather than being farmed  and distilled in large agricultural centers.  In the indigenous environments, which have the perfect soil and environmental qualities for the plant’s growth, the plant DNA still evolves to meet the healing needs of human’s perfectly.  doTERRA is also easily accessible, therefore these essences can easily find themselves in the hands of those that need them.

Each time sacred essences are used within The Path to Heal, we not only raise our vibration, we send our inherent knowledge of healing through the collective consciousness of humans and plants, thus raising the vibration of the planet. It is this combination of the essences with The Path to Heal that allows us to heal on a cellular level, reconnecting us with our soul’s connection to Mother Earth. This opens the human consciousness to connect to the Divine realm of love and light.  

Please go to the home page of www.thepathtoheal.com to purchase doTERRA or to sign up to become a distributor.

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