Treasuring our Planet

In the new book that I am currently writing, I am asking questions to our guides and receiving beautiful answers.  I am sharing this one about caring for our planet now because this understanding is needed now.

Question: It seems so clear to me that most humans treasure their homes. So why don’t we treasure our planet?

Channeled Response from Archangel Raphael and Gabriel

What a beautiful question. As part of the energetic shift that humanity is experiencing, is a new felt appreciation and wonderment regarding your magical planet Earth. Earth is fully able to provide for humanity as long as humanity tends to the needs of the earth.   Humanity has been led to believe that resources from the Earth are scarce, not abundant. This belief in scarcity has caused humans to take what they can out of a fear of extinction. 

The beauty of the belief in scarcity is that it has also engendered wonderful characteristics in men and women such as:

  • a tremendous work ethic
  • resiliency
  • the formation of communities that allow each of us to share our gifts in a way that brings the most value to the community so that we discover how to provide for each other efficiently
  • the formation of social structures that provide for those that are not able to care for themselves.

But alas, the belief in scarcity has also created the concept that we must fight to survive which has led to war and the mishandling of Earth’s resources.

Now is the time to shift into the new consciousness of abundance. With the shift occurring at this point in human history, all the positive characteristics and social structures that arose from a belief in scarcity are now part of the human genetic and social code. As humanity carries these characteristics into a time of abundance, humankind will flourish into a period of generosity and creativity the likes of which have never before been experienced by the universe.

 The essential oils that are becoming so available and beloved by the planet are sparking this change in consciousness. People can’t seem to get enough of them because the oils are raising our vibration to abundance consciousness unleashing our soul level awareness that this is the time for the Earth and all of its people to flourish.

 Those of you who worry about the planet, rest assured that the shift is occurring and your beautiful Earth will be cherished by its inhabitants. The age of abundance surrounds you.

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