It’s Easier to be Healthy than Sick

Our truest existence is our enthusiastic, happy, and enlightened being that loves life and in return has a great life. The life we are more familiar with has some happiness but includes bouts of struggle, pain, overcoming obstacles, incredibly hard work and unbearable loneliness. As I have developed The Path to Heal through channeling and using the tools that I have received to help myself and others heal, I have discovered that in truth it is easier to be healthy and happy than sick.

We unconsciously choose “sick” and “struggle” because human shame makes it incredibly difficult to be enthusiastically ourselves at all times. Being unwaveringly enthusiastic means not hiding any part of us at any time. When we truly share our enthusiastic and loving being with the world our sickness and struggle dissipates. But alas, we humans carry so much shame. We are ashamed when we don’t fit in, when we are vulnerable and expose our open heart, when we make mistakes and when we share our talent but it is rejected. Because shame is so sticky we would choose almost anything over exposing aspects of our true being and risk rejection. Instead we choose, most often unconsciously, to manifest struggle. What sickness and stress do for us is keep us unenthusiastic about aspects of life. Staying away from enthusiasm is a lot of work. It’s much harder on the body to manifest “sick” rather than “health”. However, this unconscious choice keeps the areas that are most likely to get rejected locked up and unexposed. We unconsciously choose hard rather than easy because it protects us from shame.

We all make this choice. It is unconscious and part of human nature, so there is no blame surrounding this choice. Manifesting sick and struggle has always been humanity’s tried and true coping mechanism effectively shielding us from rejection.

With The Path to Heal, we now have a tool that illuminates how our “sick” is keeping us safe from shame and rejection. Once we gain the insight that a Path session provides, the angelic Path tools (crystals, tunings forks, essential oils, Path books and card decks) raise our vibration to unconditional love so that we easily choose to align with our true spirit. These tools create an angelic shield that keeps shame from sticking so that enthusiasm is the natural, easy choice. The result is an easy life in a healthy body.

There are many self-help Path tools that guide us to choose to align with our true spirit. The most recent one that has just been released is my book, Divine Consciousness. This book contains a series of chakra opening exercises, connecting us to our divine power while miraculously enlightening the body, mind and spirit. When we open our chakras, we cannot hide. This series of 12 sets of 12 of relatively simple but uplifting movements, completely opens our connection to our God center (the chakras) so that our powerful, loving self is fully in charge. In this state of openness we experience only love and passion for all and therefore we are completely healthy because all is love. The result of doing these exercises is that you will find yourself standing tall, loving your healthy body, laughing all the time, joyously and energetically experiencing your every day while expressing your fabulous existence.

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