Our Beliefs Create the Facts

Humanity is governed by belief systems. These belief systems are so wound into our consciousness that the belief systems become our reality. These belief systems define what is good and what is bad. For example, science tells us that the less we eat the thinner we are – therefore because this is such a widely held belief system it becomes coded into all of our body systems and we prove it over an over again. This belief also creates suffering – and we humans believe that suffering leads to strength so we hold onto the belief system.

It has come into my consciousness that if we all believe that eating whatever we want whenever we want creates joy and a beautiful in-shape body then this belief would be coded into our bodies and then it would be so. Soon enough science would prove our new belief system; perhaps by proving that the more joy we have the higher our rate of metabolism would be.

This new consciousness is the opposite of what human’s currently believe. Now we believe that there are hard and fast scientifically proven facts, but in truth our belief systems create the facts. When our belief systems change then the facts will change. On issues that humanity is divided we hold multiple belief systems with multiple sets of facts proving our belief systems.

Healing through The Path to Heal leads us to our truest form wherein only love is real. Therefore through this healing, we release all belief systems that are not joy and love based. In turn, our beings no longer need to follow rules instead we simply follow joy. In time, science will prove that when we choose joy our life is bliss and we no longer suffer to survive.

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