Why The Path to Heal, Why Now? Channeled message from your archangels

The Path to Heal is a healing system given to Rebecca Cohen at this time because the world is ready for the shift into love and abundance. Much of the world is divided, providing contrast, so that individuals can discover that peace is not only the better option, but the only option.

The Path to Heal is a journey of self-discovery. The reason that The Path works is that your physical conditions and external triggers illuminate, for the practitioner, where you have been conditioned to not love self. Once illuminated, these areas of self-loathing are released. Once released, fear and dis-ease dissipate.

What is remarkable is that in this enlightened state, your external world changes as well. First your outside world stops triggering you. Then you recognize that not only do you have nothing to fear, but that everything you experience is beauty and love. Concurrently, you will make choices from your heart, creating bliss, warmth and happiness. Sometimes these choices will cause you to separate from your family and community. However, your community will feel your bliss and many will choose to join you in bliss. Consequently, the separation won’t last long. Together, with your loved-ones, you will bless the world and create Heaven on Earth.

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