My daughter Anna was given an assignment to personify an emotion and she chose hope. After she wrote the first sentence she asked herself who she was writing about and she realized it was her mother (me). I was so touched by this piece because I realized that although Anna doesn’t always agree with me, she gets me and she gets The Path to Heal. She also understands that my journey, and humanity’s journey, is sometimes difficult, sometimes lonely, but always beautiful.


She floats as though no one could touch her, she is unapologetically herself, she is a dreamer, she is positive, she is hope.

She looks around at the world without flinching, without her heart feeling heavy, without her head thumping. When she looks, she sees what is yet to come, she sees beauty, she sees hope.

She, however, is not a fool. She sees the ruin, she sees the disaster, and she sees the unrest. But, in the midst, she sees honesty, she sees kindness, she sees the future and her future is bright. Without thinking twice, she says, “there is hope”.

She knows people don’t believe her, she knows she is seen as unrealistic, her light feels unattainable to most, she doesn’t mind though, to them she says, “have hope”.

She hears the news, terrible and tragic. But the stories are more than they seem, she sees more. Behind the human suffering, there is a phoenix rising from the ashes, there is someone taking a stand, there is someone righting a wrong, there is hope.

But what good is she? Ask skeptics who see idealism and not a plan. She is everything good, for without hope, what is there to attain? There is nothing to wish for, nothing to strive for, no better life ahead so why not settle? Progress of the world revolves around hope.

Hope, a steady guiding force, leads the way for the world to follow. She is a warrior, she is a trailblazer, she is an unwavering source of light, she is hope.

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