In the presence of fearlessness, there is no fear

I hadn’t seen one of my daughters in a few months. I was driving to pick her up from her summer joy and I knew she was unhappy because I was thinking of moving cross country now that she was going to college. We don’t fight much and I wanted the reunion to be pleasant; therefore I was quite agitated on the drive. To keep me company on the long car ride, I was listening to Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday podcast with Wayne Dwyer. I am really enjoying these podcasts. I am inspired by every one of them.

Wayne spoke a truth that hit me in the heart. He said, if you do not fear, no one in your presence can fear. From channeling Path for so long, I had said the sister truth for so long, “once you are love, everyone will raise their vibration to love as well.” I spoke this love truth many times but couldn’t logically figure out how it would work. But Wayne’s version is easier for me to comprehend. If I do not fear, no one in my presence will fear. I don’t have to worry about impacting the world at that moment. Simply, I would be vessel of no fear, and at least for a moment, the people that surround would release their fear, because their fear couldn’t stick to me, thereby release their charge as well. And at least for that moment we would all have a moment of enlightened fearlessness.

There is a Path protocol called Grace that is very simple and helps us release fear simply by using others as a mirror to understand what we are afraid of. The protocol is simple enough to do in your head so I did it for the rest of the car ride. When my daughter got into the car she was exhausted due to lack of sleep, so she slept. When she woke up I was not in a state of fear and we had a lovely trip home. At home we had a few moments of conversation around this issue but I maintained fearlessness and the conversations were never hard.

Until this point, I had only recognized one truth within The Path to Heal and that was “self-love is the only path to Heal.” I now recognized that there are more truths (which all fall into the category of only love is real, and that if we aligned to each of these truths, healing would come naturally. In my new book Sound Medicine, I use body planetary tuners to align clients to these truths and is it powerfully healing. These truths are:

Sacred Truths
All humans have the same biology.
All souls are equal, perfect and fully connected to each other.
Genes contain both spiritual and biological information.
Giving and receiving always balance because they are one and the same thing.
Human evolution will lead to peace, love and oneness.
I am the world. My truths and untruths are reflected by everyone and everything.
Illness or discomfort is a label that simply illuminates what the body, mind and spirit need to heal.
Living in joy means appreciating that life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.
Peace begins with me and no one else.
Peace comes from loving thy neighbor as thyself.
Self-love is the only path to heal.
The plant and animal world are fully connected to our energetic being.
All our problems can be solved if we get in touch with, and follow, our hearts.
When I have no fear, no one in my presence can fear.
When I am complete faith, my life is miraculous.
When in alignment with my authentic self, my true desires naturally manifest.


I recommend sitting with each of these truth in meditation. They are simple and within their simplicity, we heal. Or come in for a session!

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