The Ultimate Conundrum

The ego creates the ultimate conundrum for us. We have two competing fears that leave many of us in a state of stress.

  • We fear criticism. Most of us, even those of us who believe that we are immune to criticism, fear criticism. We are afraid of the crushing nature of criticism. Our unconscious blocks, manifesting as physical or emotional struggle, slow us down. The blocks keep us from actualizing fully into our bold expression of who we are and how we want to live. In this state, we are less vulnerable to criticism because either we aren’t doing much or what we’re doing is muted.
  • We fear irrelevance. We crave fulfillment and have a strong desire to do something meaningful for the world. When we are not fulfilled we can feel invisible and dead inside.

Ultimately in order to do something meaningful, we need to rise above the fear of criticism, which means instead of staying small, we go bold and big. Actualizing into our state of divine grace, wherein we discover, then live, our meaningful purpose takes a lot of courage because we will be seen and heard, which makes us vulnerable to criticism.

When first developing The Path to Heal, the first piece of channeled insight I received was that the key to enlightenment is “be enthusiastically yourself at all times and then all good things will come to us.” This seems so easy, but our fear of criticism makes this so hard. The Path however was created to help us be enthusiastically one self and release our fear of criticism. And it has been my pleasure over the last nine years to watch my clients choose to go bold and big and become their dreams.

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