Raising Your Manifestation Vibration

There is a lot of talk in the spiritual community about raising your vibration.  But what does that really mean?  The insight that I received while developing The Path to Heal made this concept very clear to me.
Raising your vibration is achieved by choosing

  1. Nutrition that fills you with joy and happiness
  2. Exercise that fills you with joy and happiness
  3. A non-judgmental, compassionate outlook, especially regarding differing opinions and points of view
  4. Reviewing what you love about your life daily
  5. Living and interacting as truthfully as possible, even it if is sometimes uncomfortable
  6. Connecting with others from the heart
  7. Trusting that the universe is kind

Outcome of Raising your Vibration to Love

  1. Sickness and pain are released
  2. Conflict is released
  3. Self-doubt and self-hate are released
  4. Trauma is released
  5. Fear, worry, depression and anxiety are released
  6. Hate, feeling left-out, social awkwardness and isolation are released
  7. You are happy and healthy
  8. Manifestation comes from the heart and is easy and absolute
In other-words, when you raise your vibration to love by aligning with the first 7 steps above, your vibration is too high for sickness and worry and therefore the outcomes is always health, happiness and easy manifestation.
And this is where The Path to Heal comes in!  The raising your vibration steps can be difficult to achieve in the current worried vibration (which is often the human condition).  Through Path sessions, you will uncover your blocks to aligning with these steps and then your vibration naturally lifts to love, so that alignment is natural and easy, followed by the easy manifestation of your dreams.


Although it has taken me 10 years to develop The Path to Heal, it’s so exciting to be at the point where health, happiness and easy manifestation is the natural outcome of Path sessions.  I look forward to sharing these beautiful sessions with as many of you as possible.
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