Love not Zen

I am often asked about or told that the path to enlightenment is about becoming Zen to your pain. This is not something that The Path to Heal strives for.  Pain exists to get our attention and is actually the key to our healing.  If I became Zen to my pain, then the key would be lost. Within Path, our pain is called “illuminating conditions” because pain illuminates The Path to Heal.

Therefore, inside of a Path session the goal is not to become Zen to your pain, instead Path is about loving yourself completely in any situation that you find yourself in.  Instead of being about accepting the pain, it’s about accepting “me” with the promise that the pain will disappear when complete self-love and acceptance is achieved.  The Path to Heal protocols, books, cards and tools exist for one purpose only, which is to relieve pain by helping all accept and love self completely.  The definition of ego transcendence within Path is self-love because instead of winning by fighting the good fight, you  heal through self-love and find yourself existing in the quantum field of love and possibility.

From my soon to be published book and card deck: What If? there is an exercise that aligns you with the possibility of achieving self-love.  This book is written in a series of What If? statements because these statements open up unlimited thinking which is the key to expanding the mind into more optimistic and healthier thought patterns.   From the What if? book: What If at this moment I choose to honor myself, rather than judge myself?  What if I can do this because honoring me though self-love, compassion and grace is a simple choice which costs me nothing and buys me everything, including perfect health and happiness?  And what if this act of self-love makes my heart leap with joy and is so contagious that everyone joins me in my light? And what if the act of judgment is no more?

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