The Divine Feminine is a subunit of The Path to Heal, which heals the divine core within each of us. In this healing we unify our divine feminine and masculine and merge with God. In our society, traits recognized as masculine such as being strong, rational, and moral have been more desirable than traits considered feminine such as compassion, raw emotion, and artistry. Therefore, our feminine side has “humiliated” us and so we attempt to stifle these aspects. When we stifle that which is most humiliating, we hold the humiliation in our shadow, over lifetimes, as a reminder to us to stay away from situations that might trigger the humiliation and associated embarrassment. The outcome of this stifling is that humanity is not whole, as we have primarily honored our masculine traits and repressed our femininity. The feminine traits represent the god within us, and the masculine traits represent the transcendent, almighty god external to us. Healing is accomplished by merging the feminine god with the masculine
god, achieved through total openness resulting from the full flow of orgasmic energy; resulting in oneness with God. Therefore this healing heals our sexuality as well.

Divine Feminine healing is taught to advanced Path practitioners only, as it requires great intuition combined with a gentle touch, so that the client feels safe exploring the shadow. Each Divine Feminine practitioner has also been taught the art of aromatherapy, which is used to aid the client’s return to wholeness. Divine Feminine practitioners wear white or off-white garments made of 100% natural fibers while performing this protocol, to honor the purity of the healing.

The Divine Feminine also includes three sub protocols:

1) Honoring Truth and Commitments – Removes the heretofore immovable blocks stifling us from honoring our commitment to our Divine Purpose.

2) Karmic Control Games – Defines patterns created over lifetimes that stifle our open, creative, and Divine Feminine state.

3) Peace on Earth – Shines light and love on our true nature to heal our tendency to create violent patterns inside our mind and body and inside our world to avoid peace. Peace is scary to us, as it allows us to experience our true nature and be in our power, which may cause a disruption to family and community values, which in turn causes fear of rejection and of being alone. This protocol gives us the courage to ascend by energetically providing the sure knowledge that others will join us in our joyful light.

 Art credit: Shiya Stone

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