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The Realization of Desires

“Do you know what you want?  Do you know that you are the creator of your own experience?  Are you enjoying the evolution of your desire?  Do you feel the freshness of a new desire pulsing within you?”  asks Abraham, the spiritual guide that channels through Esther Hicks.  The answer that most people would give […]

Our Deepest Fear

I have found that I have had to personally experience every issue that The Path to Heal helps people address. As I have been bringing The Path out to the world in a very public manner I have had a chest cold that didn’t want to go away. And as I was given insight as to […]

To Fear or Not to Fear our Environment

As a part of introducing The Path to Heal to the healing community I have attended many networking events for alternative healthcare practitioners.  The meetings are very interesting as everyone present has discovered their own path to health, something that has truly worked for each one of them, and they each have passion for sharing […]

Genetic Predispositions

I have been lucky enough to have received some insight as to why we have genetic predispositions to certain conditions. And although “it’s all in the genes” I believe that the genesis of these conditions has very little to do with the physical and much more to do with the spiritual. When we inherit a […]

The Path to Prosperity

I’ve been considering names for my business model which is in development. The business model will be similar to the individual model but will focus on helping businesses and organizations dissipate obstacles. The first name that came to mind was The Path to Prosperity.

Presenting The Path to Heal

The very first aspect of The Path to Heal that I developed was the section on Transcending Fear through three concepts:

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